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Why are major cites located along the Mississippi river?

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Which major river is Vicksburg located on?


Where are most of the major cites located in Russia?

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What major city is located where tributaries join the Mississippi River?

The major city that is located where the tributaries join the Mississippi River is St. Louis. St Louis is where the Illinois River and Missouri River join the Mississippi River.

Which of the four major cities are located along the rivers of Afghanistan?

Kabul is located along a river.

What are the most famous waterfalls along the Mississippi River?

The Saint Anthony Falls is the most famous waterfall along the Mississippi River. The Falls of Saint Anthony is the only natural major waterfall on the Upper Mississippi River.

What major city is located along the Thames?


Which 3 major cities lie along the Mississippi River?

Minneapolis, Memphis, New Orleans

What major cites in Bolivia?

Santa Cruz

What the major cites of Hawaii?

Honolulu and Hilo.

What are the major cites in Afghanistan?

The Capitals (obviously)

Where are most of Argentina's major cites located?

The most important cities are the capital cities of Buenos Aires, Córdoba y Santa Fe.

What major cites are in Manitoba?

Only Winnipeg can be classfied as a major city in Manitoba.

What are the major cites in Mexico?

guadalajara, monterrey and chihuahua

Major cites in Vermont?

Burlington is the largest city.

What are the major cites in Colorado?

Denver and Colorado Springs

What are two major cites in China?

Beijing and Shangai

What are Arizona's major cites?

Phoenix followed by Tucson.

What are major cites of the coastal plain of Texas?


How did New Orleans grow into a major United States city?

located on the mouth of the Mississippi river

What is the major city of Mississippi?

The major city of Mississippi is Jackson. Jackson is also the capital of Mississippi.

Where was Vicksburg located?

Vicksburg is a large town on the Mississippi River about halfway up the state of Mississippi. It is best known for a major civil war battle

What major cities does the Mississippi river pass through?

The major cities along the Mississippi River include New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Saint Louis, Saint Paul, and Minneapolis. It is the fourth longest river in the world.

What three major cities are located near a river?

There are several major cities located near a river. A few examples are Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati which are located on the Ohio River and St. Louis and New Orleans which are located on the Mississippi River.

Where is Dollar Rent a Car located?

Dollar Rent A Car are located in practically every state in the United States of America and in most major cites. They are quite nation wide and can be easy to find.

What are the major cites in Ohio?

The other major cities are Toledo, Cleveland,Akron, and Cincinnati.