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Why are manager picky about who they hire?


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May 30, 2007 4:21AM

Any good manager will attempt to pick an individual who they feel is the best fit for the job. His/her selectionmay involve many variables to include, experience, education, ability to communicate in both written and oral form, professionalism in manner and dress, personality, ability to agree with the organizations goals and objectives, work energy, passion for what they doetc. In other words, excellent employees, make for an excellent organization, and that is criticallyimportant for selection purposes. Thus, make yourself as marketable as you can. It is a very competitive world we live in today. Still, with the right mindset/attitude you can be successful. Because they are held responsible for their employees actions, it's part of their job to get the best people working for them. They are risking their jobs if they choose somebody who does not do a good job.