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Why are metal oxides not categorized as salts?

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Salts are not only compounds of oxygen.

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What do metal oxides form?

Metal Salts + water

What is formed from the reaction of a metal with a nonmetal?

Salts and oxides can be obtained.

What are chemical salts Are carbonates oxides and hydrogencarbonates also salts?

- carbonates are salts.- oxides are...oxides not salts- hydrogencarbonates are salts

Are metal oxides acidic or basic?

Metal oxides are basic oxides.

What are 3 types of chemicals that can form a salt with an acid?

Metals, Metal-oxides and bases form salts with acids.

Are metal oxides acids or bases?

Metal oxides are normally bases. Metal oxides are normally bases.

What are metal oxides with examples?

Metal oxides are oxides of metal. They are ionic in nature and form basic oxides. Eg: Na2O, MgO,etc

What is produced when metal oxides react with water?

metal oxides do not react with water .Metal reacts with water and it made metal oxides.

What are the classes for nonsilicate minerals?

Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonates, Halides, and Soluble Salts. Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonates, Halides, and Soluble Salts.

What are oxides and salts?

Oxides are compounds of oxygen with another chemical element. Salts are the products of the reactions between acids and bases (neutralization reactions).

What is the chemical formula for salts?

A salt refers to any ionic compound excluding oxides. Sodium chloride is a salt because it contains a metal and non-metal (sodium and chlorine), which creates an ionic bond. So generally, you can say that any compound of a metal and non-metal is a salt (without oxides).

Are metals soluble?

No, but their salts are, as are some oxides.

What are the characteristics of oxide?

characteristics of salts & oxides

Are metal oxides acid or bases?

Metal oxides are basic in nature. They are not acidic.

How are redox reactions used to obtain pure metals?

One way is electrolytic reduction of metal cations from molten salts. Another is heating with carbon, which can reduce the metal ions in many metal oxides to elemental metal atoms.

Metal oxides can also be called basic oxides Why is that?

this is because almost all the metal oxides (except aluminum oxide and zinc oxide) are basic oxides .

What are some nonprotein molecules that contain nitrogen?

ammonia, amines, nitrogen oxides, metal nitrates, ammonium salts, diatomic nitrogen molecules, nitrides

Are metal oxides neutral?

Many metal oxides are alkaline and form hydroxides in the presence of water.

What are the types of metal oxides?

Examples: uranium oxides, sodium oxides, lead oxides, aluminium oxide, plutonium oxides etc.

Are all oxides acidic?

No. A number of metal oxides are basic.

Are metals oxides acidic?

No, metal oxides are basic in nature.

What does metal and oxygen make?

Metal oxides.

What does metal and water make?

metal oxides

Why is energy input necessary to extract metal from ore?

Many ores contain metal oxides. Metal oxides are more stable than metals. Energy is required to break the metal oxygen bond in these metal oxides to release the metal in its elemental form.

Are metal's oxides gases or bases?

Metal oxides are typically basic.