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we have not been informed about debt, until it is to late. It should be taught in the 11th and 12th grade, and as a freshman in college.

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There are many reasons why college tuition is always rising. The cost of living in this world is rising for example.

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The question was, do you think that college cost are way to high. That college cost are way to high is more of a statement than a question.

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Q: Why are most college students in so much debt?
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What percent of college students are philosophy majors?

It varies very much from college to college. It probably ranges from 1-3% at most schools.

How much college debt does a psychiatrist have?

$250,000 on average, that's not including debt from your undergrad school.

Do students at college eat Cafeteria food or make their own food?

If you have a meal plan most college students will eat in the cafeteria becasue it is free with the meal plan. Usually there isnt much room to cook in a dorm room

How to Find the Best Laptop Computers for College Students?

College students benefit greatly from purchasing laptop computers. Computers help students keep their college work more organized. Research is much easier with laptops as well. It is important for college students to purchase the best laptops in order to get the most out of them. College students should look for laptops that are compact enough to take with them into classrooms but big enough to handle the complex work necessary to make it through college with the best grades possible. The best laptop computers for college students must be adjusted according to the student and his or her course of study.

What are the differences between college students and university students?

A university is much bigger and has a collection of colleges.

How much are grants for college students usually?

There is no definitive price of college grants for students. The college grant price could depend on what the student has accomplished in the years of high school.

How much is average debt after college?

That varies widely based on what type of school you attend (private or public, two year school or four year school), how long you attend, how much you work while in college, how much your parents are contributing to help pay off your debt, etc. If are like me and spend six years working on your bachelor's degree the debt will definitely be higher. On average, debt after college is between $30,000 and $50,000.

How much money is it to go to college to become a vet?

Four years of undergraduate college prior to vet school runs anywhere from $60,000 to $200,000. Then four years of vet school can cost anywhere from $120,000 to $300,000. Most students will qualify for scholarships and grants for undergraduate school and then for federal student loans for vet school. The average debt rate for just vet school for new graduates for 2010 was about $125,000; undergraduate debt was in addition to this.

How many percentage of college students living in college dorms?

According to College Bound, a website that tracks dorm life for college students, only 40% of all college students live on campus in college dorms. The percentage is much higher for incoming freshmen whose parents often feel it is safer for them to live on campus their first year.

How much do college students pay for beer per year?


How much do college students borrow for tuition in 2008?

All i can say is, ALOT!

How much does Everest college cost?

For in state students, tuition will typically cost approximately $14,904 annually at Everest College. For out of state students, tuition will typically cost $1,536 more.