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Q: Why are most color-blind persons is males?
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Which gender is most likely to be colorblind?


How can you get colorblind?

Colorblindness is a genetic condition, most often affecting males.

A title for colorblind dogs?

males dealing with colorblindness

Why are there more color blind males than color blind females?

The Color Blind Trait is an abnormality in the X chromosome. Sex is determined by the X and Y chromosomes Males have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome while Females have two X chromosomes and no Y chromosomes. Since the X chromosome carry's the Color Blind Trait a colorblind male and colorblind female would produce off-spring that would be 100 % colorblind, while a colorblind male and a female that carries the Colorblind Trait will produce females that will carry the color blind trait or be colorblind and a male has a 50% chance to be colorblind. If a non-colorblind male mates with a colorblind female there will be no chance of producing colorblind females but they will always produce carrier females and they will always produce colorblind males. If a colorblind male mates with a female that is not a carrier or colorblind there is a 100% chance that the females produce will be carriers and no chance that the males will be colorblind. To answer the question... it's all in the genetics and males must have a mother that is a carrier or colorblind to be colorblind in the first place because men do not inherit the X chromosome from their father.

Who is affected by a maternal grandfather who is color blind?

it should be the males mostly because males are more likely to become colorblind than females. colorblind females are very rare.

Why are more males colorblind then females?

Because Males have only one X chromosome while the Females have two XX chromosomes

Are bunnys colored blind?

Yes. Rabbits are colorblind. Most animals are colorblind

What is colorblind?

colorblind means that colors look like different colors to a colorblind person Colorblindness is caused by a defect in the X chromosome which is why males (XY) are more likely to be colourblind than females (XX). In a female the defect would have to be in both chromosomes, in the male the defect just has to be in one. Most commonly colorblind people cannot distinguish between red and brown or blue and green.

Are any house pets colorblind?

Yes most dogs and I think fish might be colorblind

Why are there more men that are colorblind then women?

It has to do with the slight differences in the DNA, ANSWER Colorblindness is sex linked trait. Females are XX and Males are XY. The colorblind gene is only on the X chromosome so if a male has the gene on the X chromosome then he will be colorblind. Females can have it on one X chromosome, but not the other and not be colorblind; however, they are a carrier and can pass it on. For a female to be colorblind both X chromosomes must have the gene.

Is a goldfish colorblind?

Yes, most animals are colorblind, including the goldfish. Although we don't know what colors a goldfish sees, it is scientifically proven that goldfish are colorblind.

Is an elephant colorblind?

no a elephant is not colorblind.

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