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Q: Why are most people alergic to peanuts?
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Are people who are allergic to peanuts allergic to nutmeg?

I have alergy to peanut and have pimples alergic what ca i do?

Are you alergic to peanuts?

I'm not, neither is my wife.

Can you be alergic to pie?

well... sort of....if you find you have reactions when you eat pie it may be that your alergic to somthing INSIDE of the pie.... like berries... apples you know..... although if you are alergic to all thepies you eat, it may be that your alergic to the pie top/ crust, Some people are alergic to wheat! So in some sence you could be alergic to pie!

Can people b allergic to eating chocolate?

You can't be alergic to eating chocolate, but you can be alergic to chocolate itself.

Are people who are alergic to cats alergic to hamsters?

No. But that person could be allergic to both but not due to the allergy to a cat.

How does oil affect the people of Venezuela?

the oil affects people cause the kind of oil they have most likely people are alergic to it so most people die from suffering the oil smell

Why do Jain people do not eat honey?

because they are alergic

Are you alergic to cats?

no I'm not but other people are though

Why Do creepers blow up?

cause there alergic to people

Can people be alergic to water?

Yes there was a person who was on Tyra

Can you be allergic to fish oil?

yes. because fish oil is made from fish and some people are alergic to fish making them alergic to fish oil

What are the most popular things people are allergic to?

one of the answer is peanuts because of the protein it has inside it most people cant eat it

How do eyes know when to cry when sad?

Most people and animals are born alergic to feeling. Tears are like allergic raction. Talk to your physician.

What ingredients are in peanut butter that people are allergic to peanut butter?

Well it all depends. If you are alergic to something then look on the ingredient label to see if the thing you are alergic to is on there

Why aren't genetically modified foods good for you?

Becuse of certain food alergies. If someone is severly alergic to fish and say peas are geneticlly alertered with fish genes to make it grow faster, then that preson could have an alergic reaction to the peas. How do we know we'r not going to eat something that is personally bad for us. People with peanut alergies can die if they eat them and sometime food that was made in the same facility as peanuts.

What state grows the most peanuts?

Georgia grows the most peanuts

Why doesn't Harry Potter and Twilight just get along?

Because Harry potter is alergic to vampires who are 125year old virgins. Also Vampires are alergic to people with scars

What is made with boiled peanuts?

Most people eat boiled peanuts on their own as many recipes create rich flavor that enables the peanuts to be eaten on their own. One can also serve it in salads or with rice and chicken.

Can people get colds from dogs?

Well it depends.If you are alergic to dogs then yes!

Can you be allergic to guinea pigs?

yes Loads of people find out that they are alergic and have to sell their piggie. before getting a guinea pig check if you are alergic

Why is chocolate bad for animals?

Most animals are alergic to it. Or it doesn't digest maby

Can people who allergic to nuts eat peanut butter?

Not if they are allergic to peanuts. Most peanut butter is just peanuts, oil, sugar and salt all blended together.

Is Miley Cyrus alergic to anything?

is miley cyrus alergic to anything?

Why are peanuts so important to Virginia?

Because Virginia made the peanuts and they make the most peanuts in America

How many pounds of peanuts do you need to feed 400 people?

A serving size of peanuts is one ounce. One ounce contains approximately 28 peanuts. There are 16 ounces in one pound, so one pound of peanuts will feed 16 people. To feed 400 people you will need 25 pounds of peanuts.