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Their probably infected my cat had the same thing. :(

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Q: Why are my female fixed cat's teats red?
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Are all ginger cats Toms?

No, not all ginger cats are male, some female cats are born with the red (ginger) colouring, but are not nearly as common as males.

If one of your dogs nipples turn red does it mean your dog is pregnant?

During pregnancy, a female dog's mammary glands will begin to swell. According to, her nipples also start to turn red. Prior to delivering her babies, a female dog's teats will start to produce milk.

are cats males only?

No. But some cats with certain color are female only. They are called tortoiseshells. Their color is a mix of black (or dilute black called blue) and red (or cream). Each cell that the cat has received has one X from the male and one X from the female. Only the female can either show the black or not (red). See the link below for what these cats look like:

Are red cats always male?

Not always but most of the time they are that is because Red in cats is a sex-linked color, carried on the X gene. Therefore, a male cat whose X carries red will be a red tabby. A female cat who carries one red and one non-red X will be a patched tabby, a tortoiseshell, or a calico (if she also has the dominant gene for white markings). A female cat who is homozygous for red (has it on both X genes) will be a red tabby. This is why you see more male red tabbies than females. The chance of having a female red tabby are about 25%

Where do red cats come from?

so, red cats come from other cats, they die their head.

Is the Red ring of death fixed?

yes it is fixed

What are red bumps on a dogs belly?

these are "undeveloped" teats found on male dogs. It a female trait that does not get fully developed inmales. Sort of just like males/females of the human species have a little of each other's traits...

Is a female gender the red jender?

the female gender is the red

Is this correct your red tabby is the more playfull of your three cats?

My red tabby is the playfulest of my three cats

What is the female name of a red fox?

The female name for a female red fox is called a Madula

Who is larger the female or male red fox?

yes the male red fox is bigger then the female red fox

Are female cardinals brown or red?


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