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because they are the closest relitives to humans and they are cool

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Q: Why are orangutans important?
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Do orangutans have wings?

No, orangutans do not have wings.

Do orangutans adopt baby orangutans?


Are the female orangutans called orangutans?

Both female and male orangutans are called the same.

What continent are orangutans on?

Orangutans are native to Asia.

What do orangutans eats?

orangutans eat meat

Do orangutans burp?

yes, orangutans burp

Are orangutans marsupials?

No. Orangutans are placental mammals.

What would happen if there were no orangutans?

there would be no orangutans

What is an orangutans prey?

Orangutans are herbivores. They do not have prey.

Why are orangutans hunted?

Orangutans are mostly hunted to EAT!

What kills Orangutans?

palm oil kills orangutans

Why are orangutans vertebrates?

Orangutans have a backbone. That makes them vertebrates.

What does an orangutans look like?

Orangutans are orange primates

What is a group of orangutans called?

A group of orangutans is called a "Congress".E.G. The local zoo has a congress of Orangutans on show.

Where do orangutans come from?

Orangutans come from the beautiful Islands of Indonesia

How smart are orangutans?

Orangutans are the smartest creatures besides humans.

How many species of orangutans exist?

there are 2 species of orangutans

On which continent do orangutans live?

Orangutans live on the continent of Asia.

What were orangutans originally called?

A group of orangutans is known as a buffoonery.

What layer of the rainforest do orangutans?

because orangutans love water

What is orangutans food chain?

tigers and leopards eat orangutans

What are orangutans diet?

bananas, vegetable, fruitfrom the orangutans Queen

What can orangutans live to?

Orangutans can live up to the age of 50.

Where did orangutans use to live?

orangutans lived in tropical island

How orangutans reproduce?

orangutans reproduce by mating (having sex)