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Why are pebbles in streams round?

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As the water flow makes the rocks tumble against each other the high spots get chiped off. The tumbling and banging together with small grains of sand will smooth any rock over a long period of time. There must be enough water flow to keep the rocks moving for the process to work.

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What happens to the shape of rocks that are transported in streams?

They get moved about and nock into each other and that's how pebbles are a round shape

What does shingle mean?

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what does Shingles mean?

A small amount of round pebbles.

What rocks are a mix of round pebbles and sand?

That would be conglomerate. A sedimentary rock.

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Why do pebbles that are rough and uneven become smooth and round?

Tumbling in abrasives. Naturally this occurs in the sandbed of a stream or river. Artificially this occurs in a rock tumbler filled with pebbles, abrasive powder, and water.

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What is transportation in geology?

Transportation is a term used for the movement of sediments via transporting agents such as water, wind, ice and even gravity. Transportation is evident in rivers and streams where you can find pebbles of rock some of which might be perfectly spherical and others not quite spherical but round. Such round shapes are the result of transportation which causes attrition of rocks by hitting other rocks or materials, for example, in rivers, breaking bits off to form round shapes as supposed to angular shapes which are predominant in rocks which are freshly eroded.

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