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Q: Why are penguins difficult to keep in captivity?
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What zoos keep Emperor Penguins?

Zoos like Sea World in San Diego, CA and the Nagoya Aquarium in Japan both keep Emperor penguins. They are difficult to keep in captivity which limits the number available.

How many pengins are left in the world?

Many penguins have been killed by seals. So, I would say about 20 million penguins are still alive including the penguins keep in captivity.

How many times a day do penguins eat in captivity?

About 2-3 times in captivity

Do penguins live in captivity?

Yes, penguins do live in captivity, mainly in zoos, wildlife parks and aquarium parks. In fact, the lifespan of a penguin is usually longer in captivity, as they have no predators and receive medical treatment if they get ailments.

How long do Galapagos Penguins live in captivity?


Would it be better for the galapagos penguins to live in captivity?


Do emperor penguins mate in captivity?

Yes, because they are like human

Were do you get food for a ladybug?

It would be difficult to keep a lady beetle in captivity. They feed on common garden pests such as aphids, mites, scale insects and mealybugs.

Are there penguins in Europe?

Only in captivity. Remember that penguins only occur in the wild on the southern hemisphere. (This is why polar bears and penguins will never meet. Polar bears are only found in the north).

Why do penguins keep their eggs on their feet?

penguins keep their eggs on their feet to keep the egg warm.if its not on their feet it might die.

Is it right to keep Ligers in captivity?

Yes. Ligers only exist in captivity.

How can you infer that breeding wolves in captivity is difficult?

Breeding wolves in captivity is actually quite easy to do. They are not hard to breed.