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Because they live near volcanoes - the soil around volcanoes is very fertile.

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How have cinder-cone volcanoes affected people?

everything around it can be affected during thenCinder Cone Volcanoes. Ever SEX SEX

How many countries are affected by volcanoes?

97 countries have documented to be affected by volcanoes.

What 3 states were affected by volcanoes?

the 3 state were affected by volcanoes are NJ ,tx,NY

How are people affected by volcanoes?

they don't really get hurt or anything or unless they are there when the volcano erupts

How are people affected during and after volcanoes?

during a volcano they will get turned to stone and after they will loose everything they had:)

Do volcanoes occur in hot countries?

Some do. Volcanoes can be found in any climate; they are not affected by it.

Do volcanoes erupt in warm countries only?

No. Where volcanoes appear is not affected by climate. There are volcanoes in places such as Iceland, Alaska, and Antarctica.

How do people survive volcanoes?

People survive volcanoes by getting away from them while the volcanoes are erupting.

Why is England not affected by earthquakes or volcanoes?

England is not near any plate boundaries, which are responsible for the vast majority of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Can volcanoes erupt in the ice age?

Yes. Volcanoes are driven by forces deep inside the Earth where conditions are not affected by temperatures at the surface.

Why do people have volcanoes?

They don't the earth makes volcanoes

How can volcanoes effect people?

well... volcanoes melt people from the hotness. so there's your answer!

Do people live next to volcanoes?

Yes. Many people live next to volcanoes.

Can volcano affect Singapore?

No. Singapore does not have volcanoes. As a matter of fact, it can. When Krakatau erupted, Singapore WAS affected. Search Google and see for yourself. Although, SIngapore CANNOT be affected most of the time, as the previous contributor stated, Singapore has no volcanoes.

How many composite volcanoes are there?

you people think there are about 1000 volcanoes .

Which natural disaster never affected Australia?

Australia has never been affected by a volcanic eruption. There are no active or dormant volcanoes on the Australian mainland.

Can volcanoes eat people?

No. Volcanoes are not alive. They do not eat. Volcanic eruptions, though, can kill people.

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