Why are people allergic to the change of climate?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Why are people allergic to the change of climate?
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What people are affected by Climate change?


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What is a climate change sceptic?

A climate change skeptic is someone who believes one of the following: a. That the climate of the Earth is not changing at an unusually rapid rate, or b. That the climate is changing but people are not responsible for this situation.

What effect did Greenland have on people?

The effect of Greenland on people included climate change.

How did climate change affect people's migration?

It led to migration

How are people fighting climate change?

Through Education and Recycling.

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Challenges faced by the Bahamas and its people today and on the future?

climate change

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What is being done about climate change in Oregon?

There isn't a whole lot that is being done about the climate change in Oregon. This is because most people are uneducated about the issue.