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He is the most outspoken member of the band, whereas singer Patrick Stump is quite shy. However, most of the public's fixation with him is due to his good looks. The rest of the band is amazing, but sorry, not as cute. He works hard and is always in the spotlight, even his personal life. He owns a record label, a bar, a clothing line, and maybe soon his own island. He is also married to Ashlee Simpson, who is a tabloid favorite, which brings more attention to him.

people like (or are obsessed) pete better becuz hes pretty good looking,hes married to ashlee Simpson a tabloid favroite^and is now the father of one very cute little boy,hes more out spoken and i think if Patrick was he and pete would be the ones form fall out boy that people are obsessed with,hes does have a pack (i don't know how many i havent sat and counted cuz im not a pete im a Patrick)but ill say this some people are sooo obsessed with him the will sit if front of the compter just looking at hes junk(i just know i havent done it)and with them being pretty popular and getting more popular i think people with get more obsessed and youll see him on fronts of brittny spears is now

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What religion does Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy practice?

Wentz's FaithPete Wentz is Catholic. Pete Wentz isn't religious, but he is from a catholic backround

Where can you meet Pete Wentz at?

you can meet pete wentz at any fall out boy meet and greet centers you can meet pete wentz at any fall out boy meet and greet centers at his store!

How was pete wentz discovered?

pete wentz was discovered by him being the bassist in the band Fall out boy.

Is Pete Wentz vegetarian?

Pete Wentz is not a vegetarian. that would be weird since he plays a vampire in one fall out boy music video. pete wentz rocks!

Did pete wentz leave fall out boy?


Who is the oldest in FAll Out boy?

Pete Wentz is.

Who does the screamo for Fall Out Boy?

pete wentz

Who is the oldest from fall out boy?

Pete Wentz, the Bassist.pete wentz(the bassist) is 30 yeas old...........yeah injoy that

How old is Pete Wentz?

Peter "Pete" Wentz (of Fall-Out Boy) is 38 years old. His birthday is June 5, 1979.

What did pete wentz do after Fall Out Boy?

Pete Wentz is currently in another band called "Black Cards" where he is a bassist and writes lyrics.

Is Pete Wentz In Cobra starship?

no pete wentz is in fall out boy. Yeah all pete did was discover them he has never even done guess vocals in a song

What is Pete wentz dads name?

pete wentz is really pete wentz III because he is named after his dad who is pete wentz II :)

Where does Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy live?

Chicago, Illnois

Who is the bass player of the band fall out boy?

Pete Wentz

Does Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy have kids?

Yes, he has a son named Bronx Mowgli Wentz with his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

How can you call Pete Wentz?

Fall out boy simply has a phone # that you can call and hope that you get a reply from Pete

What height is pete wentz?

Pete Wentz is 5'7

How many Tattoos does pete wentz in fall out boy have?

37 and counting

Was pete wentz replaced?

No he was not, he is still the bassist for fall out boy. x

Is Pete Wentz still in the band Fall Out Boy as of 2015?


How long has pete wentz been a singer?

Pete Wentz has never been a singer, he is the bassist for Fall Out Boy, but he has done background vocals and screamo for Fall Out Boy scence their first ablum in 2001.

Is Pete Wentz married?

No, Pete Wentz is not currently married.

Is pete wentz emo?

No he isn'tPete Wentz is emo.

What year did Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy attempt suicide?

February of 2005

Who is married to a singer from fall out boy?

Ashley Simpson is married to Pete Wentz