Why are people obsessed with just Pete Wentz but not the rest of Fall Out Boy?

He is the most outspoken member of the band, whereas singer Patrick Stump is quite shy. However, most of the public's fixation with him is due to his good looks. The rest of the band is amazing, but sorry, not as cute. He works hard and is always in the spotlight, even his personal life. He owns a record label, a bar, a clothing line, and maybe soon his own island. He is also married to Ashlee Simpson, who is a tabloid favorite, which brings more attention to him.

people like (or are obsessed) pete better becuz hes pretty good looking,hes married to ashlee Simpson a tabloid favroite^and is now the father of one very cute little boy,hes more out spoken and i think if Patrick was he and pete would be the ones form fall out boy that people are obsessed with,hes does have a pack (i don't know how many i havent sat and counted cuz im not a pete im a Patrick)but ill say this some people are sooo obsessed with him the will sit if front of the compter just looking at hes junk(i just know i havent done it)and with them being pretty popular and getting more popular i think people with get more obsessed and youll see him on fronts of magz.like brittny spears is now