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Generally, people are racist because they were raised to be. Ignorant hatred of cultures other than one's own tends to be passed along from parent to child. The root of racism is a lack of understanding and fear of those who are in some way different. Education, and the empathy it provides, seem to counteract the logic racism and stereotypes. Education can free someone from their racist thought patterns by eliminating delusions caused by ignorance.
some people are also xenaphobic which means they are scared of other races or religions. Hitler was xenaphobic, thats why he didnt like Jews (understatement of the century). but i dont know the origin of xenaphobia, i only heard that word on a Simpsons episode. They are only trying to be cool of mocking your religion/race, it's not funny/nice so stop it.

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Q: Why are people racist?
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Are the people of belfast racist?

Like anywhere, there are racist people in Belfast, but the majority of people in Belfast are not racist.

Are people racist in England?

While there are racist people in England, the whole of England is not racist and there are many tolerant, accepting people.

What percentage of people are racist?

It depends entirely on the race being considered, i.e. how many people are racist towards Blacks vs. how many people are racist against Whites, what regions are considered, i.e. how many people are racist in the USA vs. how many people are racist in Europe, and how the regions are defined in magnitude, i.e. how many people are racist in South Carolina vs. how many people are racist in the USA.

Are all black people racist?

No, not all black people are racist.

Are people born racist?

Usually people become racist because they get it from others

Why are poeple racist?

People are not racist they are nice and genuine.

How many people be racist?

Everyone has to be a racist at one point. There is no such thing as not being a racist.

How do racist people feel after being racist?

they feel great after a good racist comment!

Is Texas a racist state?

No, like in all states there are a few people who are racist and that is a mistake from them, but it is wrong to call the state a racist state because the majority of the people in Texas are not racist.

Are people still racist in the west?

Certainly. People are racist all over the world.

Are emo people racist?

yup their racist to African Americans

What kind of people are racist?

The kinds of people who are racist are close-minded. These people do not understand other races and do not care to.

Are Asian people racist?

No, not all Asian people are racist. There may be some, but definitely not all.

Are some Mexicans racist?

Some people of every race are racist.

Why is kool-aid racist?

No product is racist. Only people are.

Are Nashville people racist?

Nashville people are not racist. Nashville people are very friendly. Nashville is a great place to live.

Why are most people racist to blacks?

because people that are racist are lame and they are stupid for treating them like nonhuman

What is a white racist?

It depends on how one uses the term "white racist". To some, white racist is someone who is white and they are also racist. To others, however, a white racist is someone who is racist exclusively towards white people.

Was Mother Teresa a racist?

No, she was not a racist. She worked with and helped people of all races.

Is saying hooray for black people racist?

It's not racist unless you mean for it to be.

Should I join the KKK?

No, you should not.

How can people stop being racist and are you born racist?

People decide if they won't to stop being racist. Now, if it's uncontrollable, then that person needs to see a mental doctor. Either that. or that's how they were raised; to be racist. And if your asking me if I'm racist... no! You shouldn't ask questions like that to the world. Your not just asking me, your asking everybody. And your not going to get a solid answer, because some people are racist. So that was a stpuid question. Am I racist, wow. Stop wasting time.

What is the racist term for french people?

Cocorico; but I sincerely hope that you are not asking so that you can be a racist.

Why is Oklahoma a racist state?

All States have Racist People just put it that way

Do people think the white iPhone 4S is racist?

It is not possible for an inanimate object to be racist.

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