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Some people are so desperate, they'll listen. I don't know about you, but they're crazy in my book!

God is so powerful, he'll kill anyone who sees him.

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Who wrote god in great beer is good people are crazy?

billy currington, song is called people are crazy

Can people hear the voice of god?


Does God convert people?

No, people decide for themselves to hear his message or not.

Why do only some people hear about god and Jesus?

because some people don't believe in God and Jesus.

How do people pray to god?

People pray to God in most religions by simply or talking, whether audibly or not, to God. Since God is omnipresent, He will hear what you have to say.

What were 3 activities of biblical prophets?

They were to hear the word of God, to tell the people what God said and to warn the people to repent and pay heed to God.

Why is Apollo considered a god?

Apollo is considered a god because the ancient Greek and Roman people worshiped him.

Are Adam and Eve considered as people?

Yes, Adam and Eve are considered as people. adam was the first man on earth created by God.

Were in the bible does it say that god will stop the heavens to hear you prayer?

God doesn't stop the heaven just to hear one prayer. God listens to hear multiple prayers everyday

Did people believe Isaac newton was crazy?

People though Isaac Newton was crazy because for one he was revolting against the church. Back then people thought that everything revolved around the earth, and that God was using his powers to hold everyone up. So when he came up with his idea people thought that he was crazy. Hell yeah!

What do you see and hear during prayers?

hi!! you don't necessarily hear or see anything during prayer..some people do experience some kind of feeling and occasionally people do encounter vivid pictures and faces and sometimes they do hear Christianity some people have the gift of being able to see God and other beings during prayer they can sometimes hear God in an audible voice. Most Christians have a feeling in their heart and their spirit and they know that they are being spoken to by God...Hope that answers your question!

Is it a sin against God to hate Bavarians?

Hating people is considered a sin. And Bavarians are people.

How do you hear from god?


Can god hear you?


Why dl moody was called crazy moody?

First off Mr. Moody was called crazy moody because he was crazy for God. He did anything possible to serve God. He didn't care for his health. He never used his health as an excuse as to not serving God.

Why is it not considered a sin when god kills people in the bible?

Because God is the Judge, the one able to enforce the law.

Loyalist tories revolution simcoe?

people that were crazy and they often ate people that didnt worship the same puritan god...also known as pilgrims

Is god must be crazy a drama?


What does God answer?

God does not answer anything. That is why there are many people who doubt if he exists or not. because why, if god is so mighty, never show, or let hear anything of himself? God answers people prayers. Sometimes He answers with a "yes" and other times He answers with a "no". But they do not go unanswered.

Why is hades not considered a god?

Hades is considered a God. He is the God of the Underworld, the dead, and riches.

Can god hear you at night?

God hears you all the time

What song with a tail as big as a kite?

"Do You Hear What I Hear". God bless.

Can god talk to you?

in religions if you pray to god he will touch your soul and you will want to cry and you have to belive holy crap people argue this: if you think other people are crazy and wrong for worshipping statues and things, how can you say Christianity is the true religion? who have no idea if God is even real! These other people can at least see their God(s).

How does the dichotomous key help people in identifying organisms?

you just believe in god will tell u at nite. God bless u.......... bye...... r u crazy.........?

Where to you go to?

God. He is always there to hear you

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