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They are kept clean by southern slave families ..

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When was Journal of Plantation Crops created?

Journal of Plantation Crops was created in 1973.

What were four plantation crops in the American colonies?

The 4 plantation crops were: Tobacco, Rice, Cotton, and Sugar.

Which crops will be growm in karanataka?

spices,plantation crops

Why do you have plantation?

To grow crops.

What are the classification of horticulture?

vegetable crops,fruits crops,ornamental crops,plantation/industrial crops

A list of food crops cash crops and plantation crops?

Plantation crops include coffee, sugarcane, rubber, cocoa, tea leaves, pineapples, abaca, coconuts, cotton, tobacco, and bananas

What does a plantation owner do?

A plantation owner oversees operations and makes certain that the crops are planted and harvested. They are the manager of the plantation.

Characteristics of plantation slavery?

A plantation was a large piece of land with a big house, slave quarters and fields of crops. The slaves were made to tend the crops and do all of the hard labor around the plantation.

North Carolina colony plantation crops?

Plantation agriculture (indigo, rice, tobacco)

Who planted the crops on George Washington's plantation?

Farm work on his plantation was done by his slaves.

What is the definition of plantation colony?

Plantation colonies are large estates that grow cash crops.

What is a tropical farm which grows crops?


What are the examples of plantation crops?

Some plantation crops are pumpkins, sugar, coffee, grapes, bananas, melons, cranberries, rubber, tobacco, potatoes, but there are many more.

What are common plantation crops in agriculture?

olives and dates

How were plantations and cash crops connected to the slave trade?

Plantation farming of tropical cash crops.

Why was the plantation system developed in the south?

labor shortages, slavery and cash crops led to the development of the Plantation system.

Plantation crops of fruit tress with scientific names?


How was a plantation like a village?

I has a farm where crops grown for sale.

What is a sentence with the word plantation?

A plantation is an artificially established property used for growing crops for sale. An example sentence is: She has to get up very early in the morning to care for the plantation.

What is the name of a big farm on which crops are raised by workers who live there?


Which of these was required to make plantation cash crops profitable?

Slave labor

What did southern plantation owners use instead of money?

slaves, crops

What was the economy of the southern colonies based on?

Cash crops grown on plantation

Definition of plantation agriculture?

Plantation agriculture is when crops are grown on a long, artificially established farm for sale. There are also forest and estate plantations.

What are plantation crops?

There was sometimes cotton,tabacco,rice,sugar cane ,and coffe.