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AnswerPlants appear green because their cells contain chloroplasts, which contains chlorophyll ,then gives plants green order to survive. Chlorophyll reflects green and yellow while it absorbs other lights for energy (red, orange, blue, and violet).

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I think the question was more "why are plants green and not some other colour" rather than "why do I see plants as green". The real answer to the question would then be nobody really knows. Technically because the sun emits yellow rays, plants would most benefit from being purple. in ancient times there were purple photosynthetic bacterium that photosynthesized with retinal, a chemical in your eyes, so most scientist are confused by this.

Plants are green because they have the substances that are not necessarily green called chloroplasts. Because of this pigment the plant can absorb an assortment of colors, so basically plants can absorb almost every color on the visible light spectrum except green. That is why we perceive plants to be green because their pigment does not allow them to absorb this color

Chlorophyll, (photosystem II and photosystem I), are based on the element Magnesium, and the structure is analogous to hemoglobin in animals which is based on iron. Iron compounds don't absorb red light, so you see red. Magnesium based compounds don't absorb the middle spectrum of visible light, so you see green. reds which are longer wavelength and blues which are shorter wavelength are absorbed in plants for energy to drive metabolic processes, and that energy turns water and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates. So plants physically have no choice but to be green, it was not a selection of evolution. Cloroplasts are endosymbiotic structures, they have two membranes and their own prokaryotic DNA...they closely resemble cyanobacteria that did develop upward of 2 billion years before plants in a high carbon dioxide atmosphere. That suggests that as carbon dioxide levels fell that the structure of a plant was more successful for this phototrophic organism to hide from the oxygen. So, that's where the chlorophyll came from in plants, and how come plants are green.

AnswerPlants are green because archaea are purple. Archaea came first, photosynthesizing using purple pigment rhodopsin. Plants evolved green pigment chlorophyll so they could use the leftover light that wasn't being used by archaea. After the Earth cooled, the archaea could not survive as well, but the plants could, so the green plants became the most popular form of life.
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Q: Why are plants green?
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Are plants really green?

plants are not green,its light green

How are green plants different from non green plants?

Green plants reflect green light, non green plants reflect a different color making them red or whatever color they are.

How do plants get their green colour?

Plants are green because of the cholorplasts inside of them. Choloroplasts make the plants green.

Why is weed green?

Weeds are plants, and plants are green

Are plants green cause plants contain chlorophyll?

No not all plants are green

Why are plants generally green?

Plants are green as a result of the green chlorophyll in the leaves.

What do green plants have that other plants do not?

green plants have chlorophyll and that's what makes them different

What do green plants eat?

green plants eat lots of different things as all green plants arent the same.

Why is green light the poorest color to give plants energy to green plants?

Because green plants reflect green light (that is why the look green) and therefore can not use its energy.

Why do green plants photosynthesis?

Green plants photosynthesize because green plants contain chloroplasts. The chlorophyll inside the chloroplasts is what makes the plant a green color.

Why can green plants survive but mammals could not survive without green plants?

mammals cant survived without green plants because that is their food and that how they live without green plants they will die.

Why do animals eat green plants?

Green plants are primary producers and animals are consumers. Thus herbibores feed on green plants.

What is the color of non green plants?

theoretically green plants contain every color except green, so non green plants in our eyes only contain the color green

Is green light reflected or absorbed by plants?

Most of it is reflected by the plants that is why these plants look green.

Why do green plants photosynthesise?

Green plants photosynthesize to create energy. They are green due to chlorophyll.

Where do plants get there green color?

Plants get there green color from their chlorophyll in their cells

Are primary consumers green plants?

no; green plants are primary roducers

What are non- green plants?

Plants That Aren't Green =) -WikiMaestro

Do Saguaro plants have green stems?

Saguaro plants have green stems.

Is non green plants have cholophyll?

Green plants only have chlorophyll

Why are leaves of plants green short answers?

What is the green substance in leaves of plants? The green substance in the leaves of plants is a pigment called chlorophyll

Why are plants that do photosynthesis green?

Plants that use photosynthesis to get food are green because the chloroplasts in their cells are green

What does it mean to say ferns are green plants?

It means that ferns are green in color. Some plants are not green.

Why are green plants important for living things?

Green plants are important because the great majority of many an ecosystem's primary producers are photosynthetic plants. Thus, green plants.

What type of plants carry out photosynthesis?

Green plants. Plants that are fungi (like mushrooms) do not carry out photosynthesis.

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