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Why are precut studs the length they are?

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They fit the most common applications without having to be cut. Eight foot is the standard size for height in most rooms in residential and business buildings in the US. Not having to cut them at the job site saves a lot of time! basically to accomodate 2- 4 foot pcs of wallboard plus 1/2 to 3/4 ceiling drywall or standard 8 foot paneling. 12 foot ceilings are also common in upgrade or older homes The goal is to make installation of 4'x8' drywall panels easier. A typical wall includes studs (92-5/8" if pre-cut), a sill plate (1-1/2" thick) and a double top plate (3" thick). Total framing height = 97-1/8" (8'-1 1/8"). The ceiling drywall gets installed first and is normally 1/2" thick, or 5/8" where fire-rating is required. That leaves 8'-0 1/2" or 8'-0 5/8" of wall height to install the drywall panels without cutting or leaving oversized gaps.

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What are the length of precut wood studs?

Standard wall studs are 8' at 92 5/8" (94 1/8 for use with single top plate), 9' at 104 5/8", 10' at 116 5/8". The top of plate heights are 8' 1-1/8", 9' 1-1/8" and 10' 1-1/8".

Standard wall height?

97-1/8". Precut studs are 92-5/8" plus 3 plates. One bottom and two top plates.

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You need to cut 2 x 4 x 8 long studs to the proper length to make a finished wall of 8' in height Underneath the studs there will be plate that's to what length should you cut the studs?

92 5/8"

How many dry wall screws per 4x12 sheet of drywall?

If you drywall on 16" on-centre studs, with sheet length perpendicular to the studs, and screw the two outside length edges at 6" spacing (as it should be) and the two interior studs at 12" spacing, the answer is 48 drywall screws per 4'x8' sheet.

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