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Why are professtional soccer fields striped?

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They are striped because is you cut grass in lines going up and down in parelel stipes are made.- Try it!

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There are over 6,000 soccer fields in the world. This is only including in the soccer fields in Europe.

All soccer fields should be the same size except maybe olympic soccer fields.

Technically, no. A soccer field is supposed to be approximately 75x120 yds, which is the size of most of the TV fields. Most youth and high school soccer fields are around 70x110 yds.

The FIFA Laws allow for a range of sizes for soccer fields. The smallest is about the same as a standard American football field.

There are many soccer fields in France

Soccer fields must be rectangles. Square or round fields are not allowed.

how many soccer fields will fit in the london olympic games stadium

Here's from the article I have read: There are 19 soccer fields located at Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area. To ensure quality fields, soccer field rules and regulations have been established to allow use of soccer fields for game play only. Use of the fields for practices is not allowed. This policy is key to being able to maintain quality fields for use by Columbia soccer players and has been in place for over 10 years.

Usually. It depends on which college but a full sized soccer field is used from age 12 until professionals.

A kilometer is 1,000 meters and they typical soccer field is 100 meters. Therefore, it would take ten soccer fields to be one kilometer, not 100.

Only 17... Somalia has the 2nd fewest soccer fields of any country in the world (Swaziland has only 3)

Most soccer fields do run north and south. This is because it prevents the goalie to have the sun in their eyes.

It is not about soccer, but The Fields of Athenry is an Irish song that is sung at many soccer matches.

Soccer jobs are most likely to be located in soccer fields. Did that answer your question? :)

Most likely not. Golf courses are for golf, and soccer fields are for soccer.

is a hectare roughly equal to 2 tennis courts or 2 soccer fields

Soccer fields in Houston, TX Memorial Park, Bear Creek Park, FMC Moody Park.

One can find soccer fields for sale from websites like Ali Baba, My AAE World, Map Quest, Altoon A Mirror, World Soccer Shop, Land and Farm and Soccer Field Pro.

Both. There is indoor soccer and outdoor soccer. They have different rules though and the fields are different.

There are no rules regarding the colours of a soccer ball. Common sense is required: mostly white in green fields, mostly orange in snow fields.

A soccer field is defined by linear measurements.

Yes they are the same size. NO there not soccer fields are 20 yards wider but they are 120 yards long like a football field if you include the endzones

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