Why are purebred dogs better than African wild dogs?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Why are purebred dogs better than African wild dogs?
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Are purebred dogs healthier than mixed breed dogs?

Pure breed dogs are not necessarily healthier. Many purebred dogs are bred with close relatives which can make them prone to defects. However either can be perfectly healthy.

Is a pedigree dog better than a purebred dog?

They are the same thing.

What is the purpose purebred livestock?

to get better meat than you do with cross bred livestock!

How much should you spend on dogs?

It depends on if it is a purebred or not, those are more expensive than mixed breeds.

What are three sentences about dogs and cats and has a comparative in each sentence?

Dogs are better than cats. Cats are better than dogs. Dogs and cats are better than hamsters.

Does anyone think that pedigree doggies are better than non pedigree?

I personally have a preference for purebred dogs. I enjoy looking at all the different breeds; it's neat to see how different they are and why they are different.

Why do purebred dogs typically have a greater chance of having health problems than mutts?

they like to screw alot

What should be capitalized in dogs are better than cats?

None.Example: The dogs are better than cats.

Why might mutts have fewer helth problems than purebred dogs?

pure breed dogs are more likely to get genetic defects from their parents that's why they usually have more health problems than mutts.

Are cats beter than dogs?

Different people like cats, Different people like dogs. Theres no question of cats are better than dogs or dogs are better than cats. In my opinion I like dogs more.

Are dogs better them cats?

In many people's opinion, dogs are better than cats. Dogs are more trainable, use the bathroom outside, can protect you, and promote a more active lifestyle. Having a dog has many benefits that make it better than having a cat. And it is possible to think one is better than the other but still love both.

Europeans better than African?

No, even though europeans are reacher than African doesn't mean they're better.