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to race, you have to be cool before your fast, then you have to get a car.

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They are built to out perform the average car depending on what type of racing they do.

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Q: Why are race cars faster than other cars?
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Are Indy race cars faster than Nascar race cars?


What is the similarties between race cars and cars?

they have engines and tire other than that they are very different. race car engines are EXTREMELY powerful.

What is a good sentence for the word faster?

if you want to win a race,you have to run FASTER than the other players.

What hp are f1 cars?

Most f1 cars have about 8-9 hundred horsepower but horsepower is limited andall the cars in one race have the same horsepower so one car doesn't go faster than another and it is a fair race.

When entering a freeway the best speed to be going is?

Faster than other cars

Is there another type of vehicle other than hybrid?

yes, there are race cars, motorcycles, normal cars, hummers etc.

Could you beat Sonic in a race?

As seen in the Sonic The Hedgehog theme song, Sonic can run faster than most race cars. If you can do that, challenge him to a race."I don't get it, I can't stop my feet!" ~Sonic The Hedgehog.

What customisation is available in race driver grid?

You can't customize the cars. The only thing you can do to improve car performances is to buy Ebay cars which can be a little faster than their stock versions.

Are birds faster than cars?

no because cars have an engine

Do the Chances of a crash increase when you are driving faster or slower than the other cars on the road?


Can a yz85 go faster than a kx65?

In general, the YZ85 has a larger engine and is capable of higher top speeds compared to the KX65. However, factors like rider skill, bike maintenance, and conditions can affect actual speed.

Why shouldn't you eat on the bus?

Bus drivers will sometimes ask that you not eat on the bus because that makes it easier to keep the bus clean.Because buses can stopped faster than cars and other vehicles.Because buses can stop faster than cars and other vehicles.