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Because the planet cant get poluted and lose all the fossile fuel

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Why are renewable energy sources important?

Renewable energy sources are important because they are clean. They release no carbon dioxide, so they have no effect on global warming. Our continued reliance on fossil fuels for energy is harming the environment.

How does renewable energy save money?

Energy is not renewable. The sources to make that energy may be. After the initial cost of plant and equipment some sources are practically free so the only costs are maintenance costs..

Why is renewable energy so important?

Renewable energy is very helpful in terms of long-term planning. It doesn't run out, unlike non-renewable sources such as petroleum (there is only so much oil in those oil wells). It also creates much less pollution. So, since our world faces serious environmental problems which may become much more serious, renewable energy has become very important.

Why do we rely so much on fossil fuels today instead of renewable energy sources?

because renewable energy sources need lots of space and the right conditions to produce enough electricity

Is energy derived from renewable sources better than that produced from fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are non-renewable so have a finite supply. This means that they will eventually run out. They also produce carbon dioxide when burnt which contributes towards global warming. Renewable sources do not pollute the atmosphere and do not run out. Therefore renewable sources are better for the environment, but fossil fuels give more energy per mass. Which is better depends on what you look for, environment and sustainability or high density of energy. Renewable energy still gives out sufficient energy, so renewable sources are better.

Why does your population continue to rely on natural resources when renewable sources of energy available?

This is a world-wide problem not confined to any particular country; it exists because the cost of non-renewable energy sources is, so far, significantly less than the cost of renewable sources.

Is wind energy renewable or nonrenewable?

It is renewable because, wind will never go away. Wind energy is renewable, so solar. Fossil fuels are non renewable. It is important to use wind or solar energy because it is renewable.

Which energy sources originate from a nonrenewable resource?

Much of the energy we use nowadays (as of 2016) is from the so-called non-renewable sources - mainly coal, and petroleum.

What are all of the renewable energy sorces?

Renewable energy sources means you can reuse it. so the main renewable energy resources are, wind power (the wind turbines as they cannot run out), tidal power, hydroelectric power, and solar power.

When do the transition from fossil fuels to other energy sources occur?

Fossil fuels will some day run out, so the only means of energy will be from renewable sources. The use of biofuels is rapidly growing, but petroleum is source for most of the fuel for our cars. So, we are transitioning, but not very fast. Renewable energy sources have been significant contributors to our energy needs for decades, primarily in hydroelectric power from dams. The US governmental agencies are encouraging people to use energy efficiently and increase the supply of energy from renewable sources. See related link. You can also find information on each of the renewable energy sources (wind, hydroelectric, solar and biofuels) by searching the internet.

Benefits of using crude oil compared to renewable sources?

It is fresh so it can do more. It takes energy to covert the resources into renewable resources.

Why aren't people switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources more quickly.?

Although renewable energy sources are better for the planet, they are not so good for your pocket. Solar panels etc. can cost alot of money to install, but governments are slowly introducing a rebate or cash back for people who do turn to renewable energy.

Is using energy environmentally friendly?

Depends on how the energy has been generated. Energy from renewable sources is fairly OK, energy from fossil fuels not quite so.

How long will renewable energy last?

At least as long as the Sun will shine - which is another 5 billion years or so.

Why do people use non renewable instead of renewable energy resources?

Non renewable energy sources like oil, gas & coal are very concentrated forms of energy. All you have to do to release the energy is start them burning and then get out a lot of energy from a relatively small volume. In addition they don't have to be processed where they are found. You can transport them with little trouble. Renewable energy sources like solar & wind are not very concentrated at all. To get a usefull amount of energy from them requires large gathering techniques. These sources also have to be processed into electricity right where they're found. These different characteristics make non renewable energy cheaper to produce. A hundred years ago there was so much oil & gas & coal that no one thought much about it running out and it was so easy to use there was not much interest in the harder much more expensive renewable sources. Nowdays with the polution problem and with fossill fuels getting more scarce and expensive and with advances in technology, renewable sources are looking more and more attractive.

How can we ensure there will be enough energy for the future?

In general terms, there are two things we (mankind) can work on.1) Waste less energy. 2) Get access to new energy sources, and especially, to the so-called "renewable" energy sources, meaning, energy sources that will continue working for millions of years.

Why is Tidal energy so important?

Tidal energy is important because its a way to help preserve nature, also it is renewable and leaves no pollution

Is water renewable or non-renewable?

if it is water motion (Ocean energy) it is renewableif it is water motion (hydro energy) it is still renewableso yes it is renewable

If renewable energy resources can be replaced why do we need to conserve them?

The wind and the sun and moving waters are all renewable energy sources. We really do not have to conserve them.At present much of our electricity is generated from fossil fuels, producing extra carbon dioxide emissions and causing global warming and climate change, so it is important to conserve electricity. Conserving electricity will reduce these harmful emissions.When all our energy is produced from renewable sources and we are no longer burning fossil fuels (some time in the future), then electricity will be cheaper (or completely free), and conserving electricity will not be as important.

Is solar energy renewable or non renewable energy?

Definitely renewable. The energy from the sun will never run out (not for billions of years, anyway) so It's the most truly renewable energy there is!

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is an energy source that is either in relatively limitless supply, or that quickly regenerates when consumed.So solar, wind and water power are kinds of renewable energy, because they keep coming back even after we've used them.Coal and oil are NON renewable sources of energy, because when they're gone, they're gone.Renewable energy is found in abundance and we must make use of these resources such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal to the best advantage. For instance wind energy must be tapped to generate electricity.Renewable energy is any source of energy which can be used or consumed without going into the state of being unusable. Examples of nonrenewable energy sources would be petroleum, natural gas, coal, etc. You will find that everyday fossil fuels are nonrenewable sources of energy. Some examples of renewable energy would be; solar energy, hydro energy, heat energy, heat from friction, etc."A source of energy that is not expected to deplete through constant use or can be replaced or grown within a relatively short period of time."The definition of renewable energy is a resource that you can take and give back,(ex. trees, plants, animals, vegetables.By the name itself it has the definition involved i.e., the source of energy that is renewable is called as the renewable energy.... this is other wise called as the non conventional energy because we have replaced the conventional sources of energy ( like coal, oil, fossilfuel etc.,) to the non conventional source of energy( like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, wave, peizo, mhd's etc.,)Energy, of itsself, is never renewable. It always degrades towards hbeing low level heat (entropy). There are however renewable energy sources. In general, renewable energy is identified as the energy that comes from sources that can be replenished or those that cannot be depleted. Such sources include wind, rain, tides, sunlight, waves and geothermal energy.Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat

Is petroleum sustainable?

For a while, yes. Long term, no. It is a non-renewable resource, and so we have to switch over to alternative energy sources.

Why are non renewable resources so important?

They are important because they are non renewable!!

What are infinite or renewable energy sources?

African women. They have sex all the time and make all those babies so why not use all that energy to other purposes?

How do your daily activities contribute to climate change?

Whenever we use electricity we contribute to climate change, unless our electricity comes from renewable sources. So turning on the air conditioner contributes. Whenever we travel in a vehicle we contribute, unless the vehicle is driven by renewable sources of energy, pedal-power, wind power or electricity again from renewable sources.

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