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Can you think of another category for reptiles? The reptile is a cold blooded animal. Hello? Animal? Where else would you put "animal" but under "animal life"?

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What is the largest group of reptiles?

The largest group of reptiles are birds, lizards, snakes, and turtles.

What group of animals do Snakes belong to?

reptiles reptiles

What vertebrate group does a snake belong to?


What is the largest group of reptiles ever to live?

The largest group of reptiles are birds, lizards, snakes, and turtles.

What is the largest group of reptiles that ever lived?

The largest group of reptiles are birds, lizards, snakes, and turtles.

Dinosaurs belong to what group of animals?

Dinosaurs were reptiles.

What is the group of lizards?


Are reptiles monotremes?

No. reptiles are a separate group of vertebrates, while monotremes belong to the vertebrate group known as mammals.

Is there lizards that aren't reptiles?

Nope - all lizards belong to the group 'reptiles'

What group is a lizard?

Lizards belong to the Reptiles group of animals.

What is the fifth group of reptiles?


What is the snake animal group?


What snakes group does it belong to?


What group of vertebrate is monkey?


What group does the snake belong to?


What group of animals are classified as reptiles?

Reptiles ARE the group of animals comprising: snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, - and fossils such as the pterosaurs and dinosaurs.

What group of vertebrates is most closely related to reptiles?

Birds. Reptiles are also vertebrates.

Which group of reptiles did dinosaurs come from?

all reptiles came from dinosaurs !!

What group of animals has egg shell?

Birds, most reptiles and mammal like reptiles

What group did dinosaurs belong to?

Dinosaurs were reptiles.

Are there fish that are reptiles?

There are no types of fish that are reptiles. Like the groups 'reptiles' and 'amphibians', 'Fish' is also a particular group or family that they belong to.

What type of animal group is the dinosaur?

They come under reptiles and bird because althought they were reptiles, they are the ancestors of birds. The majority were reptiles.

What animal group did scientists put dinosaurs into?

That would be easy. Dinosaurs are in a group of Reptiles called Archosaurs which also includes birds,Crocodile,Alligators,Pterosaurs,and their possible ancestors- Thecodonts.

What group of animals did birds evolve from?


What animal group does the snake belongs to?