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Q: Why are safety precautions needed when handling radioactive sources?
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What is importance of safety precautions needed in the use of electricity?

Safety precautions are neccessary. Incorrect use of electricity can cause electric shock and fire. Both are life threatening and a real risk.

What are the different safety precautions in a laboratory?

Appropriate safety precautions for a laboratory vary widely depending on the kind of lab, the kind of work performed in the lab, and whether it is an educational or working lab. For example an organic chemistry lab requires precautions that are substantially different for those needed in an electrical engineering lab.

What are the precautions for conical flask?

Usually they are handled by gripping the neck of the flask from the side. Get in the habit of never allowing you hand to be over the opening in the neck. Sometimes the fumes coming out through the throat of the flask can be hot or corrosive and burn you.

What safety precautions should be taken when handling lead?

Besides not dropping heavy weights onto your body, or developing a strain/sprain from handling heavy materials, lead is a toxic metal that is a health hazard. It enters the body by ingestion (eating it) or respiration (breathing lead dust). Sanitation is a first line of defense- use gloves, and wash any exposed skin before eating, drinking, smoking, or applying makeup. Clothing contaminated with lead should be laundered separately from other clothing to prevent cross contamination. To control respiratory hazards, avoid creating lead dust. Engineering controls may be used to contain lead dust, or prevent it from becoming airborne (using paint stripper rather than sanding old paint, etc). Respiratory protection may be needed in some cases. Where there is a severe exposure to lead, workers may need to be in a medical monitoring program, where blood samples are analysed to insure workers are not overexposed to lead.

What are pieces of information you should collect notes on as you look through your sources?

I, II, and III I. information your reader will need to know about your topic II. information that might prove the validity of an argument or position III. information that might disprove the validity of an argument or position

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What safety precautions are needed when handling uranium-234?

No special precautions are needed for handling Uranium 234, only normal chemical laboratory procedures. But U234 is rare and without specific use, so there is no need to work with this isotope.

What are some precautions needed when disposing radioactive waste?

It should isolated from underground water and isolated from rivers and drinking water. It should be away from expected earthquake

What precautions are needed for venous access?

There are no major precautions for access during emergency procedures.

Which types of wriking in coal handling process?

The Coal Handling Plant is needed in the coal handling process.

What are the precautions needed when using a tripod stand?

be careful!!

What are the Safety precautions needed in physics of forces laboratory?


What are the precautions needed to be taken while rescuing a person from a building? not use bare hands while rescuing the person as it may infect the wounds. extremely careful about handling the victims body as it is fragile. 3.keep accomodities like stretchers,glucose bags etc.and the necessary first aid while handling such situations.

Precautions needed in area of electronic safety?

There are a number of precautions that needed in an area of electronic safety. You should not touch naked wires and should have protective wear at all times among others.

What type of precautions are needed with someone with acinetobacter in sputum?

droplet and contact

What precautions should you be aware of if going to Australia?

There are no precautions necessary for travelling to Australia, beyond the usual basic safety precautions one would take within one's own country. No vaccinations are needed.

Why might symbols appear at the beginning of a lab or activities?

To alert you to needed precautions

How did scientists find out to use americium 241 in smoke detectors?

A radioactive source was needed for ions to get trapped by the smoke particles and conduct less of an electric field. Several sources were tried before Americium was settled upon.