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Otters, seals, and sea lions are all mammals that nurse their young. Like penguins they live on land but feed at sea. They are also called "semi-aquatic" mammals to differentiate them from strictly sea species.

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All otters are mammals, including sea otters.

They are called marine mammals, more specifically cetaceans (whales, dolphins) rather than manatees or dugongs, or semi-aquatic mammals such as seals, sea lions, and otters.

Sea otters do not have gills because they are mammals.

There are three types of the marine otters the Alaskan, the Russian and the California sea otters. There are about 3000 California sea otters and around 150000 Alaskan and Russian sea otters.

No, sea otters are mammals.

Sea otters are marine mammals that live on the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean. They generally live in the shallow waters just offshore.

There are three orders of marine mammals; cetacea, sirenia and carnivore. The cetacea order includes whales and dolphins while the sirenia order is mostly sea cows. The carnivore order has bears, sea lions and otters.

Yes, sea otters are mammals.

Yes, sea otters are mammals.

No. Otters are mammals.

There are in fact THREE orders of marine mammals. These are the Cetacea, whales ,dolphins,porpoise etc. Sirenia, manatees and dugongs, and Carnivorae, walrus, seals, sea otters and polar bears.

Sea otters are not the same are marine otters. They are two distinct species of the otter subfamily Lutrinae. The sea otter is Enhydra lutris and the marine otter is Lontra felina. Their appearances are also distinct: where sea otters are known for their large, bulky bodies, marine otters are smaller and slender like their river-otter relatives. Additionally, sea otters live along the northwest coast of North America and near Russia's Kamchatka peninsula, whereas marine otters live along the western coast of South America.

yes, sea otters have young sea otters called pups

In the sea, that is what 'marine' means.

The young of fur-bearing marine mammals are called pups.

There are four main groups of marine mammals. They are cetaceans which include whales and dolphins, pinnipeds which includes seals and sea lions, sirenians which are manatees and dugongs, and fissipeds which are polar bears and two species of otters.

No, they are placental mammals, born like all mammals.

No. Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) are marine mammals commonly found on the North Pacific Ocean, from the coasts of California up to Alaska.They were critically affected by the Exxon Valdez disaster, but not by the Gulf of Mexico BP spill.

I think mammals... but I am not 100% sure...

Whales and dolphins are mammals living in the sea. Seals and otters live in the sea and on land, but depend on the sea for food.

yes they do live in the sea that's why they are called sea otters.

Dolphins, sea otters, seal,blue whales, and Sea lions

Sea otters became endangered marine animals in 1972. People can help sea otters by decreasing the amount of pollutants we disperse into their natural habitats.