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people believe seahorse look like horses.

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Do you related to rock? No seahorses are fish, horses are mammals

when were sea horses discovered

nobody really knows, because this website wasnt created when seahorses were created.

Sea horses sleep by staying where they are

sea horses are brown or yellow

Which horses? Most horses live on land. Actually all horses except for seahorses live on land.

Yes, seahorses have spinal cords

Sea horses adapt by changing color.

sea horses live in tropical and subtropical

No, seahorses don't neigh

seahorses are NOT decomposers they are comsumers dah.

Sea horses do not hibernate or migrate.

Seahorses are real - they are so named because of their uncanny similarity in appearnce to real horses, although very much smaller. They belong to the Hippocampus genus.

Yes, male seahorses reproduce rather than the female.Seahorses are NOT a member of the horse family.

Seahorses are a very interesting species. Their heads do look like horses and in no way do they resemble a fish. The most interesting thing about seahorses is that the males have the babies. After birth the father looks after the young.

no sea horses and normal horses are completely different. sea horses get there name because they are sea creatures that somewhat look like actual horses that you ride

A group of seahorses is called a "herd" Like real horses are called a "herd"

Seahorses belong to the scientific family of invertebratescalled, Syngnathidae, so if they are invertabrates, the do not have a back-bone.Seahorses have backbones, but no ribs.

No, seahorses do not care for their young after birth. Like most other fish species, seahorses abandon their young to the dangers of the ocean.

no sea horses should only be kept in a species tank (only sea horses)

seahorses are in very much danger. There is not many left in the world

Guppies are freshwater fish: Sea horses are saltwater fish

Yes! Sea Horses change color to camuflage.

sea horses can change to all of the colors of the rainbow

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