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I believe that sharks are classified as fish because they breath underwater through gills. Anything that has gills is a fish even if a lion has gills and it never goes in the water it's considered as a fish.
Sharks are considered fish because they live under water and use gills to breathe. On top of that, they use fins and not flippers to swim.

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What are sharks classified as?

Sharks are classified as fish, cartilagenous fish.

Why are sharks not classified with fish?

Sharks ARE a kind of fish.

What are stingrays classified as?

they are classified as fish and are derived from sharks

Are sharks classified as aquatic reptiles?

No, they are fish.

What do sharks and fish have in common?

They both swim in the ocean.

Is a shark a placental mammal?

No. Sharks are not placental mammals. They are classified as fish.

Are sharks classified as fish?

Yes, sharks are considered a type of fish.Technically, yes. They have fins and gills like regular fish do.Yes a Shark is a fish they have gills unlike a whale or dolphin which have a blow hole for breathing in air.Yes, sharks are fish.

Are Great white sharks mammals?

No, the Great white shark is classified as a fish.

What kingdom is the shark in?

Sharks are in the kingdom classified as Animalia which includes every animal. Sharks are fish and do not surface for air to breathe.

Why are sting rays and sharks not classified as bony fish?

For the most part, they do not have bones. They have cartilage.

Can a whale and a shark be classified as a fish?

A whale is not a fish, it is a mamal as it is gives birth to live young Sharks are fish as they give birth to egg sacks

Is a Manta Ray a mammal?

No manta rays are classified in the fish family and actually related to sharks.

Which shark are mammal?

Sharks are classified as fish, not mammals. There is no shark which is classified as a mammal. Even the whale shark is a shark, not a whale, and therefore not a mammal.

Are stingrays vertebrate?

Yes. Stingrays have a backbone, so they are classified as vertebrates. All fish, including the cartilaginous fish such as rays and sharks, are vertebrates.

What type of relationship do sharks have with fish?

sharks are fish, but fish that are not sharks often get eaten by sharks in the food chain some small fish habitat with sharks they get food from the sharks.

How are sharks classified?

Sharks are classified as Selachimorpha. They are sister groups to the ray family. There are over 470 different types of sharks.

Are sharks mammels or fish?

sharks are fish.

Are tiger sharks fish?

no tiger sharks are fish but r sharks

Are whale sharks fish or mammal?

Whale sharks are sharks, which are fish.

Are sharks considered as fish?

All sharks are considered fish. If they were not a fish, it would be a whale. Whales are mammals, sharks are fish.

Are sharks fish or invertebrate?

sharks have backbones and they are fish

Are tiger sharks mammals or fish?

Fish. they have gills. Answer All sharks are fish.

Are sharks predators to fish?

Yes sharks are predators to fish.

Are sharks bony fish jaw-less fish or cartilages fish?

Sharks are cartilaginous fish.

Why do sharks smell like fish?

Sharks smell like fish because they are around fish, they eat fish, and they are fish.