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Why are singaporeans so self-centered?

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The people of Singapore are probably self-centered because that is the way they were raised. They have a need to control things. In Singapore, a person has to be very self-disciplined. Even chewing gum in Singapore is a sign of disrespect.

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Why is the merlion important to Singapore?

so the Singaporeans don't forget their history

Why Singaporeans so kiasu?

First of all, please do not use broken English like "Why Singaporeans so kiasu". "Kiasu" is not even an English word! It is meant to be " Why are Singaporeans so kiasu?" Anyway, Singaporeans are not "kiasu". Some of them are, yes, I agree. But not all are "kiasu". There are some who like to help people no matter what, though there are some who are the opposite. Stay away from people who are "kiasu", and try to make friends with people who are not. Singaporeans who are "kiasu" may be because they are not in the mood or that they are unfriendly. Do not go too close to them or they may make you unhappy. I hope that you find this information useful. Okay? I think that you should not say bad things about Singaporeans, though. You may make them unhappy.

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Living conditions of Singaporeans during World War 2?

Life was hard for Singaporeans and they were tortured.

How did the Japanese occupation effect Singapore?

They tortured Singaporeans and many Singaporeans were hurt, some died.

How many Singaporeans died in world war 2?

50,000 Singaporeans died in WW2. All of them were civilians.

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Are Singaporeans rude and self centered?

It depends on the situation, time and place. This question is also over generalising, not all Singaporeans are rude and self centered. However, there are also Singaporeans that are rude and self centered.

What do you call someone from Singapore?


What do you call people from Singapore?

Singaporeans !!!!

What are the people of Singapore known as?


Why must the Japanese keep a tight control in Singapore during the Japanese Occupation?

so that singaporeans will not rebel against them

What prefix means self?

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How many Singaporeans in Australia?

About 40 000.

What are the national attire of singaporeans?

The beautiful dress

Are Singaporeans energy vampires?

no there is no such thing as vampiers

What nationlity of people live in Singapore?


What do Singaporeans think of the Japanese?

On average, Singaporeans do not hate the Japanese. There is some mild animosity mainly among the older generation for the occupation, but the majority of them are indifferent.

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