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errr... skunks are cute? -_-

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Are eastern spotted skunks good with kids?

Yes they are, they are the best. They are so cute!

Do chipmunks or skunks hibernate?

I think that skunks do but I'm not sure about cute, little chipmunks.

Are skunks similar to house pets?

Any wild animal for the most part can be tame or be altered somehow that they can be domesticated. Skunks can be house pets. If they werent so stinky Id say they were so darn cute.

What is the difference between a rabbit and a skunk?

Rabbits are cute and skunks are stinky

Are skunks cute?

You should really have your own opinion as to whether or not skunks are cute, personally i don't think they are, but it is simply up to you. Like the other guy said, it's your own opinion. But in my opinion, skunks are one of the cutest animals. All they are, are fluffy,cute, black and white squirrels who just happen to have a very stinky self defence.

Do skunks eat plants?

Skunks are omnivores, so yes.

Why are so many skunks out?

The baby skunks have fouled the nest.

Do skunks have pouches?

No. Skunks are placental mammals, not marsupials, so they do not have pouches.

Do weasels eat skunks?

i don't think so. The Lynx eats the skunks.

Where do skunks mostly live?

Okay, so skunks live in North America only!

Do skunks eat raccoons?

I dont think so but raccoons could eat skunks

Do deer eat skunks?

Deer are herbivores, meaning they only eat plants. Skunks are animals, not plants. So deer do not eat skunks.

Do skunks eat grasshoppers?

Skunks are opportunistic omnivores. Among the many things they eat are insects. So yes, skunks do eat grasshoppers.

Why do skunks have a white stripe?

the stripe on all skunks backs are unique so they can tell each other apart (and so can we).

Why do skunks spay gas?

When the predator comes too close, the skunk sprays a foul smelling gas (which is really stored up urine) at them so they can't stand the smell and run away. So really, they spray to protect themselves. They can spray about 16 feet away. SKUNKS ARE NOT CUDDLY TOYS!!! THEY ARE EXTREMELY CUTE, BUT STAY AWAY!!!!!

What does striped skunks eat?

Some striped skunks eat rattlesnakes and plants so they are considered omnivores

Do skunks climb and will they use a cat door?

yes skunks climb and they do get through cat doors so watch out!

Information of Mesopotamia's temples?

mesopotamia temples are so cute and intresting omg! this is so cute and wonderful mesopotamia temples are so cute and intresting omg! this is so cute and wonderful mesopotamia temples are so cute and intresting omg! this is so cute and wonderful

What is cute in Russian?

This is you are so cute in Russian. Ti takaya prelesnayaYou are so cute

Do skunks spray when they die?

Skunks spray when they feel threatened, so if the skunk is already dead, there would be no reason to spray.

Can skunks spray on concrete?

Technically, skunks can spray onto any surface, so yes, they can spray onto concrete.

Is cat food good for skunks?

Skunks are omnivorous. They eat plants and meat. So yes, you could feed them a cat...

Why are leopard cats so cute?

Lepards are so cute coz of their spotty fluffy tummies. So cute =^.^=

How do skunks communicate?

Skunks have a verbal system they use to communicate distress, annoyance, anger, pain , playfulness, hunger and so on. also skunks use body language to communicate some emotions


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