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Why are sloths slow?

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A sloth is not slow because they are sloth and lazy. the reason they move at an average of 0.24 km/h is because they eat nothing but leaves, which do not contain much nutrients. sloths also have complex stomachs but they have a sloth digestive system so that is also another factor to why they so slow. Thank you

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How slow are sloths?

they're slow like you.

Why does moss grow on sloths?

Because sloths are so slow!

Which mammal has slow reflexes?

The sloths have slow reflexes.

Why does algae grow on sloths?

I think it is because sloths are VERY slow and since there so slow algae grows on them.

What is a sloths lifestyle?

boring and slow

Are sloths slow?

DUH. they're slow...... like how slow you scrolled down here.

How slow do sloths move?


Are sloths dinosaures?

No, they are mammals, that are known to be very slow.

What evolution do sloths have?

No fast predators that sloth camo. can't fool so sloths which are slower with slower metabolic rates are better off. This is why sloths are so slow.

What kind of animals are slow?

Sloths, turtles... Are elephants slow? You know because they are so big. Crocodiles are slow when they walk.

How slow do 3 toed sloths move?

very slowly

Name 3 animals that are slow?

Snails, sloths, and turtles

How did the sloths get its name?

the sloth got its name because it is slow.

What is a sloths purpose?

A sloths purpose is to give people horrible nightmares with there horribly slow movement becoming creepy to some

Which animals move slowly?

Sloths are extremely slow-moving animals.

Why some people are called sloths?

because they are slow and sometimes lazy

How do sloths adapt to where they live?

cuz there 2 slow to go were they want to

Does sloths stink scare away predators?

Um yes because theyre sloths and theyre slow so they need something from predators

How do sloths collect water?

Sloths, like all organisms, require water. Sloths are very slow, so searching for water to drink is not economical for them. Instead, they get all of the water they need from the leaves they eat.

Does a jaguar eat a sloth?

Yes, jaguars eat sloths. Sloths are easy prey for the jaguar because they are so slow and unobservant to the world around them.

How fast are animals?

It depends on the animal {ex: sloths are slow cheetas are fast}

What are facts about South American plants and animals?

Sloths move REALLY slow.

Who is the slower animal?

tortoise Other slow animals include sloths and snails.

Why are sloths so slow?

there mind doesn't get made up quick enough

How slow is a sloth?

In fact sloths are faster than 20% of mammals in the whole world!