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For some it is a lack of opportunity. There is no question that many people still have prejudice against anyone who is different. While the United States has come a long way since the Civil War era, we have not come far enough. Ms. Rice is arguably the most powerful woman in the world and I would suggest the second most powerful PERSON in the world... and she is black. She has accomplished some incredible things through her own hard work and I don't care who you are, you have to respect her and anyone else who has earned their way to the top. On the other hand, many black people are not even allowed opportunities to seek their potential. But in fairness, many times the limitations that often hampers the black people in this country are self-fulfilling. If I, as a Scottish descendant, insist on my right to bring smelly haggis for lunch daily, wear a kilt to work and insist on speaking in Scottish slang, I'm sure I could eventually alienate those around me and limit my potential for advancement in any organization. I guess I'm trying to say that there isn't any simple answer to that question. Some of the issues are related to prejudice, some are related to expectations and some are related to home environment. I don't think it is reasonable to put all of the blame on any one factor as being the reason so many American Blacks are poor. BTW, I don't consider them "Africans" any more than I consider myself Scottish. I'm an American and so are the Blacks who have been born here.


Also, in regards to the majority of countries in Africa, the extreme poverty can be attributed to many reasons, the primary ones being racism (even amongst blacks themselves) education and the lack of economical resources. Actually the list of factors is quite lengthy, political unrest, civil war and the extremely high percentage of people that are HIV and/or AIDS positive add further to Africa's troubles. If the truth be known the majority of world government's including the U.S. are not overly concerned with the fate of the African people. If this were not true the massacres in the Congo and the starvation of millions of people in the Sudan would not be happening.


Most governments in Africa are either socialist in nature or highly corrupt dictatorships or both. In either event they prevent people from pursuing their own economic interests and acquiring property in a free market. When people are denied the ability to exercise their right to property the incentive to work is taken away. When governments attempt to interfere with the natural workings of the market labor and capital and resources can not flow to where demand for them exists, thus normal wealth producing economic activity fails to occur and poverty results.

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Q: Why are so many Africans poor?
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