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Most reasons are that wrestlers are released from wwe and go to TNA. Other reasons are that wrestlers are not happy with there position in WWE so they go to TNA.


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Yes He is leaving forever on July and will be going to TNA

I don't know where you got that idea, but WWE is not going anywhere they have been in business since 1952 and still going strong!

He did say he is not leaving. My guess would be that he his going to be the Raw GM

He's not. Jeff Hardy is leaving the WWE

Yes,Because he said in his movie "cena experience" that he is not going to be leaving the wwe soon.

Yes, Batista left WWE.

Their are rumors going around say Matt Hardy and The Hurricane will be leaving WWE to go to TNA. So far they are just rumors.

No! shes not leaving WWE! The WWE released Mickie James in April and I just saw that she signed a contract with TNA. I wanna cry, in fact I am!!

Yes, he left the WWE on March 29, 2010

i do think hes leaving wwe hes just going to take some time off Jeff Hardy might be leaving because of what has happened this past year and I have heard that it is because that he doesn't like the storyline hardy vs vs brother! I personally hope that Jeff doesn't leave the WWE because he's awesome!

Shh! TNA is secretly a low dominance brand in WWE. Christian Cage may be a good wrestler, but if TNA doesn't get some popular wrestlers, Christian Cage is going to stay where he is.

Why batista left wwe intresting question answer is he left wwe and went to mma.

There are no plans for the WWE to fire CM punk. Many people who are not fans of CM punk wish he would be fired, but there is only speculation beyond that.

No he's still happily on WWE now.

he is going after the wwe title

Yes but he's Not Leaving Now But In A long Time.

yes Shawn is leaving in march 3

Possibly. News says that on wwe superstars she lost her last match and was fired due to losing so much. But she might stay in WWE for getting more people interested (Girls) into wrestling.

Batista might leave after recovery from ingury

Candice Michelle is a one time Women's Champion in the WWE. She left the WWE in the year 2009. She hasn't been a professional wrestler after that. She has pursued her modelling career after leaving the WWE.

It is currently unknown when `Takers contract is going to expire. Although rumors are heard that he is leaving sometime after WrestleMania 23.

Yeah because little ted is going to face randy at wrestlemania XVI

Not everybody is. becuase wwe sux and people in wwe have restrictions and stuff like that. IN TNA THEY CAN BE THEMESELVES AND LUV WRESTLING WITHOUT ALL RESTRICTIONS

steriods Corrected~ You become a WWE wrestler by going into certain wrestling schools. Many wwe superstar become superstars because they have or had family members in the wwe already

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