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is it possible to have an upside down primad

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Why is the image in some telescopes upside down?

convex lenses for the upside down image or picture

Do some alien races have upside-down faces?

Yes. Some alien races have upside-down faces.

Does the incline press have you upside down?

it is not upside down. in the inclined press your body is layed down and declined back some degrees.

Do caterpillars have to cocoon upside down?

No some moths go on the ground and most caterpillars hang upside down and some stay on the ground

What does anokatoprosopus mean?

Anokatoprosopus means upside-down face (i.e. some aliens or monsters have upside-down faces).

Can you sew with fabric that has flags and some end up being upside down?

Etiquette dictates that a national flag should never be shown upside down. It is a sign of distress to fly a flag upside down.

What were some desserts in the 1930s?

The pineapple upside down cake

Why do cockroaches down shortly after they are turned upside down?

cockroaches die shortly when upside down because when ever they are turned upside down they find it difficult to turn to their normal position some can die like that even when they do not feel pain that is why when ever they are turn upside down they have to use all their strength to stand up before they will die

Are there tunnels from pyramids to center of earth?

There are tunnels under some pyramids BUT these do not go down to the center of the earth they only go down a few tens of meters.

Will a plant grow upside down?

Possible if we are able to reverse the gravitational pull upside down by some scientific technique. Usually plants do have sense on the gravity. Yes! My lima bean plants grow upside down alot.... I don't know why but yes.

Where can I inquire anything about hang upside down these days?

First of all, hanging upside down may require some practice, as not everyone has enough strength in their legs. A good option is taking gymnastics lessons, then you will be able to hang upside down well.

Why is my tropical cave fish moving upside down?

there is no particular reason that your cat fish swims upside down but it could just be the kind of cat fish you have. it isn't abnormal for a cat fish to swim upside down because some can only swim that way.

Why do guppies swim upside down?

Guppies are not supposed to swim upside down. This is usually a sign of some illness. If there are any other symptoms you should research this right away.

Do some people see images upside down?

When you blink, you see everything upside down for a nanosecond, but your brain corrects it so fast that you will never be able to see this happen.

Why do MM's have w's on them?

because some people eat them upside down dummy

Why do some monkeys live upside down?

because it is one of there unusual habits

When fish swim upside down it helps them do what?

For some fish, this is a way of escaping predators, for others, such as an upside-down catfish, it allows them to find food (primarily algae) on floating wood.

What are some fish that begin with the letter U?

Upside-down Cat Uaru Undulated Moray Eel Unicorn crestfish Uaru, upside-down catfish and unicorn crestfish are fish species.

What are some special features of a flamingo?

they eat upside downthey have backwards kneesthey are cute........

What are some disadvantages of the ruminant digestive system?

it hurts your legs when you walk upside down

Do pyramids have different shapes?

There are three-sided and four-sided pyramids, some pyramids are taller and some shorter, but they are all pyramids.

Who studders more mccain or Obama?

definitely Mccain with some question turn upside down

What are some food that begin with you?

Upside-down cake is a dessert. Urgelia cheese is a dairy product.

Does the vampire ride at chessington go upside down?

No this ride doesnt go upside down it takes you to the side so your on your side but not upside down. On some rollercoasters you tummy feels weird but on this one you dont get that feeling it think because its a hanging rollercoaster. 2nd best in chessington!! 1st is rameses revnge!!! :) HOPE THIS HELPS!!! GO ON IT!!

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