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Polyphemus Moths are a species of giant silkworm moths

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What do Polyphemus moths eat?

Polyphemus moths eat Palin decaying fruit i no that because i have a male and female Polyphemus mus there a couple

What types of moths are there?

Tiger, geometrid (geometer), Polyphemus, silk, and a lot more

What the crap do moths eat?

It depends upon the species of moth. Some do not eat as adult moths (Luna, Cecropia, Polyphemus, etc) and some eat nectar. Some drink the fluid in buffalo eyes. Sometimes they do eat crap - literally. Male butterflies and moths often eat dung.

Are polyphemus moths endangered?

No. They are a common species over much of the eastern united states.

Are moths and butterflies related to each other?

Yes. Most of the families in the order Lepidoptera are called "moths", but a few are called "butterflies". There are actually some moths that are closer related to butterflies than they are to other moths.

What is the study of butterflies and moths called?

Lepidopterology is the study of butterflies and moths.

What are the spots on the Luna moths wings called?

what are the spots on the luna moths wings called

What do you call a group of moths?

Moths are very similar to butterflies. The group of insects that butterflies and moths belong to is the Lepidoptera. A group of only moths are called a wainscot.

What is a collector of butterflies and moths called?

A lepidopterist (expert or collector of butterflies/moths).

How big can a moth be?

A moth can be as big as a crow. These moths are called Goliath Moths.

What are a group of moths called?

The correct term for a group of moths is an 'eclipse'.For example:My t-shirt was eaten by an eclipse of moths.

What are moths?

Moths are little insects but they are mixed with butterflies some how.

Are moths butterflies?

No, there are some differences between moths and butterflies.

What name did Odysseus give Polyphemus instead of his own?

Odysseus called himself Outis (=Nobody). He did not give Polyphemus a name.

How did Odysseus meet the cyclops Polyphemus?

Odysseus waited for the cyclops Polyphemus inside the cave with some of his crewmen.

The study of butterflies and moths is called?

Bumotherian is what it is called

Are cyclops aggressive?

Some are, e.g. Polyphemus.

What does Odysseus do to keep Polyphemus from eating him?

Odysseus gives Polyphemus some wine, and Polyphemus promises to eat him last. Odysseus prevents Polyphemus from eating him by blinding Polyphemus, and then escaping from his cave.Before the escape attempt, Odysseus is powerless before Polyphemus, and is saved from being eaten only by fate.

How do moths hear?

Yes, moths can hear. Some moths can use ultrasonic waves similar to bats. Some larger varieties actually have large ears on their abdomens.

Why are moths harmful to human?

Moths are not harmful to humans at all. They do not sting or bite. Moths are important to the ecosystem. Some moths are only harmful to humans if you try to eat them.

What are some of the largest moths in the world and how wide are their wingspans?

It is called the Atlas moth and the wingspan is 14 inches

Do moths make a noise?

Not all moths are silent, so some moths do make noise like the Dogbane Tiger Moth.

Butterflies and moths have a long tongue called?

ProboscisIt has not yet been confirmed if moths have tounges or not, it is likely that they do.

How does Odysseus trick the Cyclops Polyphemus?

ShipOdysseus tricked Polyphemus by telling Polyphemus that his ship was wrecked. This tricked Polyphemus into not looking for the ship.NameOdysseus tricked Polyphemus by saying his name was "No Man" or "Nobody". When the cyclops called for help, his friends thought "Nobody" was hurting him.DrunkennessOdysseus tricked Polyphemus into getting drunk and falling asleep. They could then stab Polyphemus in the eye.EscapeOdysseus tricked Polyphemus into letting him and his men escape by hiding under the sheep as they exited the cave. Odysseus hid under the largest ram.

What does polyphemus diet consist for?

Polyphemus diet consists of Polyphemus ate odysseus

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