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Why are some people's toes long?

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Some people just have long toes. Everyone is different so maybe this person had a defect in their genes. Or maybe that's just how they are....

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Why are some peoples toes long?

This is mostly the result of genetics (via heredity) than any other factor.

Why are some peoples toes stuck together?

At first in the womb everyone has webbed feet and hands. In some cercimstances they do not get a chance to fully separate leaving them with partically webbed toes or fingers.

What are some examples of an instinct?

long eyelashes,long toes,cleft chin,and a hitch hickers thumb

Een girls! Do you have long toes?

my toes are 12.5 inches long... each

What is more normal long or short toes?

It is normal to have 5 toes on one foot. I am a podiatrist and beyond that, I have seen every variable. Also, when you ask about long and short toes, I think you must mean the length of toes relative to each other because short, stubby toes are unusual. Most people seem to have the great toe longest and the other toes shorter than the great toe (the hallux) in descending order--2,3,4,5. Some people have a long 2nd toe and this is considered in some cultures to indicate royalty. The statues at Hearst castle all have long 2nd toes. If your 1st, 2nd and 3rd toes are of equal length, you'd have an easier time en pointe in ballet. So, to answer your question, I would say, neither long or short toes are normal as the human foot shows much variety.

What are the most attractive toes?

Cute toes with nail polish on them! Depends on what you consider attractive. Long toes, short toes, fat toes, thin toes, toes with nail polish, toes with fake nails on, brown toes, white toes, red toes, etc... I'm partial to elephant toes!

Why do spider monkeys have long toes?

spider monkeys have long toes to help them pick up there food.

How long are feet and toes on an African elephant?

They have 18 toes in all

How many toes do people have?

Most people have 5 toes on each foot, but some people have 6 toes. Some people may have less because they have lost some in a accident and some people have 12 toes.

Is it normal to have long pubic hairs on your toes?

No. First because pubic hairs can only grow on the pubis (not toes) and second if the hairs stretch from you pubis to your toes then they are unusually long!

Are toes bigger then some feet?

yes toes are bigger than some feet! i herd that a 94 year old man had a 24 inch long big toe and his foot was only a 7 in womens

What if your thumb is as big as your big toe?

Nothing wrong with that. Lots of peoples thumbs and big toes are the same !

What does it mean to have long toes?


What animals have long skinny toes?

There are quite a few animals that have long skinny toes. One of these famous animals is called the eye-eye.

Can you walk without toes?

some say you need your toes for balance but, if you didn't have toes you could probably adapt without them.

How many toes has a crocodile got?

it can have 8 toes but some have 10. But it is rare to see a croc with 8 or 10 toes

How many toes does chooks have?

Most have four toes, but some breeds have five.

Does lizards have 3 toes?

Depends on the species of lizards, but some do have three toes.

What is the name of a lizard that has long toes?


How long are sloths toes?

18.3 meters

Why do monkeys have long fingers and toes?


What is a lizard that has long toes?

chickens are cool

How many toes does an Heron have?

According to pictures, herons have long legs and 3 long toes. I'm not really sure in reality if they really have 3 or...

How many toes does a blue jay have?

Blue Jays have 4 toes. 3 front toes and 1 toe in the back. Their long slender feet and toes help them keep their grip on tree branches.

Is it true that birds have claws and mammals have toes?

Yes, but the claws of birds are on their toes and the toes of most mammals have claws. Some mammals, such as sea lions and whales, have lost their toes.