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Everyone is good at something. Some people are athletic, others are creative, others are scientific, etc. It's just your particular make-up that makes the difference.

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Q: Why are some people just so much better at athletics than others?
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It provides good athletics.

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Well some people just can . Even if they have low income

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Why are some people just so lucky and seem to be amazing at everything and get everything?

Some people just are luckier. Often enough this isn't luck, its skill and hard-work. Some people wonder by others have "better looks" it can be simply keeping better care of themselves or genetics. Some men wonder for example why others get more/better looking women, it is ussually their appearance, and personality. Things ussually come at at least some amount of work to all people, so they may have to work at things.

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because black people are just too awesome at athletics and basketball :)

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It's basically just 2 things. #1- To Have FUN #2- Entertainment Here and there some people will do athletics so they can be healthier, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or just to shape their body. :D

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some people are just born with great voices while others are not.but if u want u can try voice warm ups to help your voice(but not to become better)

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some people just have a natural talent for football and others have to work at it. I believe that if you lov the game enough and will do anything to get better then you can go pretty far.

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Everyone's level of pain is different. Some people handle it better than others. Just concentrate on how good you will look when it is all done.

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