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In sexual reproduction, a sperm and egg cell unite to form the first cell of the new offspring.

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We get organisms because eggs and sperm unite to form embryos, usually. Although some organisms form from spores or cell division.

they are located in the sex cells of organisms aka the sperm cells in males and the eggs in females

All sperm are haploid. Fully formed femael eggs are haploid.

eggs and sperm are haploid cells

Sperm and eggs are sex cells.

External. In most cases, adults release sperm and eggs into the surrounding water, where the (unprotected) eggs are fertilized and mature into new organisms.

a lot of sperm die soon to find out the eggs.

Their sperm joins with the eggs outside of their bodies. The female releases her eggs into the water. The male then releases his sperm and the gametes join.

Girls don't have sperm they have eggs

No they do not have sperm, the have eggs which can be fertilised by a sperm

A sperm cell is haploid, and an unfertilized egg is haploid; but fertilized eggs are diploid.

Animal eggs are fertilized by sperm.

Yes. A male and a female releases sperm and eggs. When the sperm and the eggs interact, they form a fertilized egg.

It depends upon the species. Human eggs and sperm each have 23 chromosomes.

In the cells that will divide to become eggs or sperm (or the eggs or sperm themselves).

The paths of the male sperm are known as urthraand female eggs are known as follopian tubesthe sperm find it and takes it

No because the ovary's are what sends the eggs are to connect with the sperm... so basically without an eggs you have no sperm and without sperm you have no egg.

There is no such thing as "female sperm". Sperm is always male. Females have "ova", or eggs. Male sperm fertilize female eggs.

The eggs are the biggest cells in the body, while the sperm is the smallest.

The eggs are fertilized before the female lays them, when she mates. The sperm swims to the eggs to fertilize them.

Sperm are produced in the testicles by a layer of cells in the seminiferous tubules. Eggs are produced in follicles in in the ovaries.

sperm is made in the testes and eggs in the overies

There is no such thing as female sperm. Women have eggs