Why are sport specific skills important?

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specific skills in sports are important because skills turn into performance. Such as athletic ability, knowledge, experience and God given ability. Examples are leaping, speed, coordination and teamwork :)
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What specific skills will you need to be a soccer player?

i play soccer and i know you need: footwork skills (like passing, driblling with your head UP) speed you need to b strong agressive you cant ever be tired when you throw the ball inbounds, (strong arms)

What sport specific skills are necessary to play the point guard position?

Answer . The good point guards are: Great passers, leaders, unselfish, can lead the offense and make smart plays, and are reliable in clutch situations..it also helps if you have an awesome ability to get lucky as poop like Steve Nash and my friend Brandon Stephens

Is there any specific skills in soccer?

Not exactly, but you must be able to run for long periods of time. You also must have some foot skills, in order to dribble the ball around a player. But overall, soccer is a fun sport for anyone.

What specific skills are needed to become a photographer?

As required in all kind of excellence, " Clarity of thought and action". This can be a very long answer but I will keep it as brief as possible using bullet points. . Take a class on photography This will help you work closely with others learning and you have the advice from a teacher/pr ( Full Answer )

What specific skills will you need for your career to be an teacher?

In addition to being knowledgeable about the subjects they teach, teachers must have the ability to communicate, inspire trust and confidence, and motivate students, as well as understand the students' educational and emotional needs. Teachers must be able to recognize and respond to individual and ( Full Answer )

How does sports teach leadership skills?

It doesn't. It teaches you to play by the rules and work as a team against another team. Or if you're a spectator, it teaches you to make annoying grunting noises, drink all the beer, and be an all-around jerk.

What skills are specific to the arts?

In the arts one must have a still and calm hand to do one's work finely and with care. One must have a lot of patience because if one wants to make his work nice he has to take his time. One must always see improvements that can be made and try to keep to his plan, this can actually be quite hard. O ( Full Answer )

What are examples of open skill sports?

Open skills include golf, netball, cricket, hocket etc. In these games the person performing the skill can be influenced by factors such as the wind or crowd.

Fundamental skills in sports?

Well, Running, jumping, and being strong in your arms and legs is a good place to start.

What specific skills will you need for photography?

First Answer: What time is good to take a picture? When the sun's......facing you or whatever way shall it have to face so a picture will not be blurry.. Another Answer: The single most important skill needed for a successful photographer is the ability to see, really "see light" and its rela ( Full Answer )

Why are soft skills and hard skills important?

Soft skills include good communication skills, presentation skills and corporate manners. hard skills include technical skills, management skills. almost all corporates expect both the skills as business involves both soft skills and hard skills

What are the specif skill a teacher required?

The most important is being able to impart the knowledge you have gained through study to students in a way that understandable, and know how to impart knowledge and be able to break down information into easily understood pieces of information, while imparting the knowledge in a subtle and interest ( Full Answer )

What is the most skillful sport in the world?

This is a very hard question to answer. The reason this is so is because virtually any skill level in a sport depends upon the brilliance of the current leaders in it AND it depends upon the overall number of partidipants in that sport from which to consider the 'brilliance' levels: for instance, ( Full Answer )

What skill you get if play a sport?

Team Sports - You can build leadership, determination, teamwork and cooperation. Individual Sports - You can build individual work ethic, self confidence and responsibility.

What skills sports leaders have?

Nothing different than other sports players. they are just better or more experienced at that sport

What is specific skills?

a general skill sharpened to work in a specific field .For instance,the general skill of leading a team becomes the specific skills.

What specific skills do you need to be an engineer?

Excellent math skills are needed. Excellent problem solving skills are needed. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) are extremely important. Task prioritization skills are helpful. Time management skills are helpful.

What specific skills to you need to be a nurse?

Nurses should be caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail oriented. They must be able to direct or supervise others, correctly assess patients' conditions, and determine when consultation is required. They need emotional stability to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stresses. . ( Full Answer )

What skills do you need to be a sports leader?

confident, determination, courage, and respect Well I myself was I vice-captain of Netball. The other girls were jelish because I was jumping around saying OMG I am vice-captain. You can do that to but don't do it over and over again. You don't really need skills to be a successful sports leader, al ( Full Answer )

What sports require skill?

Almost all sports require some sort of skill some require more than others but soccer is probably the most skill requiring sport out there. Other sports require quite a bit of luck like baseball and others require lots of strength like football and rugby.

What skills are needed for the skeleton sport?

The skeleton sport involves racing down an icy track, head first ona small sled. Some of the strengths needed for this sport includestrength to keep your body straight as you race down the track, andspeed so the racer can get a good running start before getting onthe sled.

How does sports benefits our academic skills?

They really don't, though sports DO serve an important role in maintaining the health of participants, as well as providing an excellent means for them to learn how to cheat and not get caught (since winning is what counts).

How sport benefits social skills?

soccer. it helps the kids with social skills and works the body. It will also help with hand eye coordination. If you are goaly. There are 4 positions on the field... Forward, Mid-Field, Defence, and Goaly. Forward- Takes the ball up the field and scores. Mid-Field- Assistist with moving the ball up ( Full Answer )

What specific kinds of skills does nursing require?

Outside of the specific professional skills, Nurses should be caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail oriented. They must be able to direct or supervise others, correctly assess patients' conditions, and determine when consultation is required. They need emotional stability to cope with human s ( Full Answer )

What skills does sport develop?

strength , sportsmanship , self confidence , discipline , and everything else you can imagine

What is skill feedback in sport?

Skill feedback is the type of feedback used to help improve ones physical skill within a sport. For example when someone performs a specific skill, ie kicking a soccer ball, a coach may watch his set up, approach, contact, and follow through to thus look for areas of error that effect that individua ( Full Answer )

What are the skills needed in sport?

There are different skills involved in different sports but skills needed for all sports are: - Co Operation - Stamina However for indivdual sports such as running you would need speed or when playing basketball you would need speed, hand eye co ordination and other skills.

What are specific software skills to put on an application?

Word Processing programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works, any spreadsheet program, PowerPoint programs. Generally anything that can possibly be used in a work environment from typing programs to C++ Coding.

What skill do you have to have to be a sports person?

You do not have to have skills to be an ATHELETE. All you have to do is believe in your self and not listen what anybody else says or thinks. You have to have heart. That is pretty much it...

Why is skill important?

So you know how to do interesting things that you should be able to experience and it is very important

What are skill points in Wii sports?

Basicly Skill Points are how good you are in a Sport. If you Manage to get 1,000 Skill Points you reach PRO ranking

What skills does a sports official need?

None! It seems like it sometimes but there are classes you can take and tests you have to pass before you can be a sports official.

What are the characteristics of skill in sport?

While their are certainly many characteristics that would constitute skill they would vary from sport to sport. In general strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, and intelligence would be the measures of a fine athlete.

Which specific sport does soccer am focus on?

They mostly focus on the sport soccer. They also focus on jockeys and horse racing. But the main theme for soccer am is the sport soccer. Sometimes they even might focus on football players.

What is skills in sports?

It is the ability to perform well and excel in sports, and this comes with training and practice

What sport were the nubians skilled in?

The nubians actually originate in the country of Afghanistanian Iraq. They were very skilled at the Rifle Butt, in this sport they hit each other in the face with their rifles. Who ever died loses. Your welcome all, im glad i could help :)

What are the six basic sports skills?

Well, it is different for different sports. For example, if you aredoing soccer, three skills are receiving the ball, passing, andshooting the ball. Some sports and also needed in soccer, you'dneed speed. But not all sports need speed. For example, squash.Well, you kinda do need speed. But not that ( Full Answer )

What specific skill do I need for babysitter?

Patience - to keep a child occupied. Observance - to monitor thechild. Tolerance - to cope with a crying child.... and somefirst-aid skills - in case the child injures itself in your care.