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They are so expensive because they want to make a profit

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Textbook prices are high due to a variety of factors, including the complex publishing and distribution process, the lack of competition in the market, and the reliance on print materials. Textbook publishers also often release new editions frequently, leading to the phasing out of older versions and contributing to the overall cost.

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Q: Why are textbooks so expensive?
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What are some good websites for cheap textbooks?

College textbooks are very expensive so finding them online can save you a ton of money. The website I used to buy and sell my textbooks when I was in school is I found them fair and easy to buy and sell.

Where would I be able to find worksheets on similes for a reading class?

You can find a simile worksheet in textbooks or the textbooks website. In textbooks you can photo copy the page so you wouldn't have to write in the textbooks and on the textbooks website you can print out the worksheet.

From where can I get the cheap college textbooks?

Usually there are options that your college bookstore will give you for buying used textbooks, which are a lot cheaper. Some colleges even let you loan textbooks for a reasonable price. If you find a college that does not do this, you can always try online classifieds like for your area. There are usually a number of students there trying to sell the textbooks they bought last year that THEY found to be so expensive, and they will sell for less. On that note, you could buy the textbook at full price and try to sell it on a site like kijiji to get some of your money back.

Finding Your Textbooks Cheaper Online?

Textbooks are one of the more expensive costs for college. However, when you look for textbooks online, you will often find cheaper prices. Many college campuses now make both used and new textbooks available for sale online. The prices of these books are often much cheaper than what you would pay if you bought the books from a campus bookstore. You can also find textbooks online that are sold by former students who no longer need them, as well as discount booksellers who obtain the books from former students or buy the textbooks in bulk. If you want to purchase your books online, be sure that you have the correct textbook information so you do not end up with the wrong textbook.

How expensive is Biola University?

Annually it costs about $40,000. However, this is the price without textbooks, dormitory, lunch, parking pass, etc.

Can college textbooks be sold back to the school?

Yes, some schools offer textbook buyback programs where students can sell their textbooks back to the school for a certain price. However, not all schools have this option, so it's best to check with your school's bookstore or website for more information.

Can you loan textbooks to students and not have them buy the textbooks?

Sure, you can rent textbooks.

What is the cost of textbooks for college?

Usually they are pretty expensive. You can spend near a grand a year or more on textbooks. But, they don't have to be that expensive, buy early and buy online. Personally since there are so many textbook retailers websites out there I use They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online textbook retailers and rental sites to find you the best prices. And at the end of the semester you can use them to search for resellers to sell your book to. All the search results are organized by price so you can buy your books for the lowest prices and sell them back for the highest.

How much do the textbooks weigh if the contents of a backpack weighs 20 pounds and 8 tenths of the weight is from textbooks?

The textbooks weigh 16 pounds. This is because 8 tenths of 20 pounds is 16 pounds. So, the backpack contains 16 pounds of textbooks.

Where can I sell textbooks for cash?

You can sell textbooks for cash for books or sell your books. There is a lot of website you can sell your books from but you have to remember some sites are not legit so be careful.

Why do English textbooks have Spanish glossaries?

Apart from English/Spanish or Spanish/English textbooks, do textbooks have such glossaries?

Can one make a profit selling textbooks online?

Yes, you can make a profit selling textbooks online if you know who is looking for the textbooks and where to list them. If you target college students and offer the textbooks for sale, you will get a response and an offer to buy the textbooks.