Textbooks are instructional books used in an educational setting, from grade school to college level, and technical or professional books.

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What is difference between curriculum and textbook?

A textbook is a book on a specific topic, like biology. A curriculum is what is contained in the courses, the materials to be covered, what tests and books will be used by a school. It can also apply to the materials to be covered in a particular field of study, such as biology.

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Where can you find an online 9th grade biology book without an account?

You can find it by searching ninthgradebio.com

There are many online sites which help us for free and improve our knowledge.

Its of a great help....


What do Qs mean in keyboarding textbook?

It means you should look in the book and find out


How do you find the mass volume and density of a textbook?

The easiest way to find the mass is to weigh it (not absolutely strictly true but OK). Then measure its height width and breadth. Multiply these together to get the volume. The density is the mass/volume. Try to keep in consisten units. Do all the measurements in cm and get the mass in grams and the density will be in g/cm3


Who invented the first textbook?

A man by the name of John Amos Comenius invented the textbook. He was a teacher. For more information go to the Related Links.


Web address of Punjab textbook board?

There is no official website of Punjab Text Book Board (unbelievable). Government of Punjab might have some plan to launch it in next century.


Spanish 2 realidades workbook page 30 answers?




de ducha

me pinta





What is the purpose of mapping a textbook reading?

To help prepare for tests


What effect would eliminating copyrights have on the price and output of textbooks?

Eliminating copyrights would result in a dramatic drop in price of the textbook. With the copyrights gone, an unprecedented number of people can reproduce the same textbook and sell for a lower price. This creates a competition to see who can sell for lower.

On the other hand, removing copyrights would also increase the availability of the textbook.


Where are answers for Holt literature and language grade 11 textbooks?

sadly there are none. i searched for 3 hours, none at all :(


How do you remove a adhesive book cover off a textbook?

Try Goo Gone. It works great on on porous surfaces like getting labels off of jars.


Reading and All That Jazz textbook answers?

I have not yet really decided what my career objective is. Or it is difficult for me to visualize what I will be doing in five years.


What is the length of a textbook?

300+ pages.


Answers to vocabulary workshop level A unit 9?

Answers to the whole unit 9 level a in vocabulary workshop


What is the McDougal Littell World History online textbook activation code?

You have to purchase an online or print edition of the book in order to receive an activation code.


Where can you find the timeless voices timeless themes literature textbook?



Where can you find the answers to the even numbers in the glencoe geometry textbook?

you dont, they arent there


Why was the math textbook feeling sad?

Problems filled the pages
Because it has so many problems.


How do you spell textbook in french?

Textbook translates to French to be un manuel scolaire.


Which textbook section lists the pages on which you can find information about specific topics?



Why are for dummies books easier than textbooks?

On The Lighter Side:A for dummies book says:

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after.

While a textbook would say:Two individuals of Homosapiens of Masses M1 and M2 ascended an irregular, diagonal path from point A to B, covering a vertical distance h.The purpose of their toils was to bring a vessel with a conical frustum geometry filled with Di-hydrogen monoxide.In the meanwhile the mass M1 was destabilized and its potential energy, which was accumulated as a result of vertical ascent, was quickly changed into Kinetic energy. The cranial part of body of M1 touched the surface of earth as a result the joint between parietal and frontal bones of cranium was traumatized and the bones were fractured.At the same time M2 came down exhibiting rotational-translational motion.


What is for chapter 3 in McDougal Littell's 'World of Chemistry' textbook?

3.1 The ElementsAbout 100 elements make up all the matter of the universe, 9 of which make up 98% of Earth's atmosphere, crust, and ocean, while oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen make up most of the human body.

Each element has a name and a symbol. The symbol is usually the element's first one or two letters or from the element's original Greek or Latin name.

3.2 Atoms and CompoundsThe Law of constant composition says that a compound always the same proportion by mass of its own elements.

John Dalton's theory:

  • Atoms make up all elements.
  • All atoms of an element are identical.
  • Atoms of different elements are different.
  • Compounds consist of atoms different by elements.
  • Atom aren't generated or destroyed by a chemical reaction, which only changes the way the atoms are bonded.

A compound's components are shown by a chemical formula, which shows the element types and amounts via symbols and subscripts.

IE: C6H12O6 is a monosaccharide/sugar molecule.

3.3 Atomic StructureJ. J. Thomson and Ernest Rutherford's experiments revealed that atoms have internal structure: an atom has a nucleus, which is the atom's center, contains positively charged protons and neutral neutrons, and negative electrons (about 1/1836 of the protons' mass) that randomly orbit the nucleus with equal charge to protons in terms of strength.

Isotopes are atoms of the same element but with different numbers of neutrons.

IE: Carbon-12, carbon-13, and carbon-14 are isotopes of carbon.

An isotope is written with ZAX, where Z represents atomic number and A represents atomic mass.

IE: sodium-23 is 1123Na.

(The subscript should be right below the superscript number, but WikiAnswers' typing system doesn't allow that.)

3.4 The Periodic TableThe periodic table shows all known elements to mankind by order of increasing atomic number and groups elements with similar properties into certain columns.

Most elements are metallic and appear on the left side of the zig-zag.

Nonmetals are on the right side of the table.

Metalloids have some metallic and some nonmetallic properties and appear between the metals and the nonmetals on the table.

3.5 Ions and Their CompoundsAtoms form specific ions by gaining/losing electrons.

Metals usually lose 1 or more electrons to form cations (positive ions).

Nonmetals tend to gain 1 or more electrons to form anions (negative ions), which change their names by combining their root name with -ide.

IE: A sodium cation and a chlorine anion form sodium chloride (known as salt), an ionic compound.

The ion that an atom can form can be predicted by its position on the periodic table.

Alkali metals and alkaline earth metals from 1+ and 2+ cations, respectively.

Halogens and Group 6 atoms form 1- and 2- anions, respectively.

An ionic compound is electrically neutral, so the sum of its ions' charges always equal 0.

IE: sodium sulfide (Na2S) always has 2 sodium cations for every sulfur anion.


How do you find your math textbook online?

Usually it'll be on your school's website. Or you can ask your teacher and he/she should be able to tell you. If a online textbook is currently unaviable, you'll just have to bring the real one home or share one with a friend.


Is a textbook a substance or a mixture?

Mixture, it is made out of multiple materials.


Where can you find Holt biology textbook virtual with the bear on the cover?



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