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What else should they be speaking?

The French speak French because they have been taught how to speak that way.

Just as the English speak English because that is what they have been taught.

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Q: Why are the French speaking French?
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What are the French speaking countries known as in French?

In France, French- speaking countries are known are francophonie countries. This means French speaking

What is difference between a French country and a French speaking country?

there is only a French country, which is France. But there are several countries where the French language is spoken, which are French-speaking. The same goes for English and English-speaking: America is not English, but is English-speaking. Well I no that a French speaking country speaks French but not like France. For example:Haiti, and Morrocco are French speaking countries.

How many french speaking countries are there?

there are 43 french speaking countries

Is camaroon French speaking?

It is a former French colony so a part of the population are French-speaking.

French speaking people are called?

French speaking people are known as francophones.

French speaking province?

Quebec is the major French-speaking province in Canada.

Is chad a french speaking country?

Yes, Chad is a French speaking nation.

Is Belgium a french speaking country?

yes Belgium is a french speaking country.

French countries on how many continents?

There are French-speaking countries on five of the seven continents. There are French-speaking countries in Africa, both Americas, Asia, and Europe. Australia may have French speakers, but it isn't considered a French speaking country. Antarctica has no French-speaking countries on it. But there are French speakers, and an important French station.

Does speaking french get you girls?

No, speaking French is just like speaking any other langauge. However, since French is the a very romantic language, French speakers do get most of the girls.

What is a French speaking island in the Mediterranean?

One French-speaking island is Corsica, a French owned island in the Mediterrenean.

What jobs can you get with French?

Speaking and writing French would be an advantage in working with any French speaking country, or with cooking.

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