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Why are the Front brakes are sliding just replaced back brakes?

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You still have air in the back brake lines or they are not adjusted properly which is making the front brakes take the full load

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Does the escort lx have front and back brakes or just front brakes?

Front pads (disc brakes) Rear shoes (drum brakes)

Why do the brakes lock up on a 1994 ford Crown Victoria?

Lets say you do not have ABS. If that is the case, is it the front or the back brakes. If it is the back brakes, then it is possible that the brake springs have to be changed, that is of course if you have drum brakes. If you have 4 wheel disk, then its another problem, possible the brake equilizer valve has to be replaced.

how much to put brakes on a chryler concord 1998 front and back?

The cost for the front and back brakes would be about $600 dollars.

Is the parking brake in the front brakes or back brakes on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron?

back wheels.

When you replace your front brake pads should you also replace your rears?

Usually the rear pads or brake shoes depending on whether or not the back brakes are disc or drum brakes will last 2 times longer the the front brakes. 75% of your braking is done by the front brakes. For example, if you have 60,000 miles and your front pads need to be replaced the rear ones will only be about 1/2 worn out.

How do you stop your fatboy from squeaking?

Depends where its squeeking from, front, back, brakes, exhaust, ect.... Depends where its squeeking from, front, back, brakes, exhaust, ect....

Does a 4 cylinder Toyota Camry le have front end disk brakes?

Yes, it has front disk brakes and drums at back.

What would cause your front breaks to wear out fast?

hard breaking or no back brakes. also, back brakes adjusted wrong.

Why should I repair my front brakes?

If you don't repair your front brakes, your back brakes will wear down faster. This will cost you more money in the long run. It's probably important to have all your brakes working.

Toyota Echo brakes?

Disc in front, drums in back.

What type of brakes are on a Chrysler 300c front and back?


Does a 2006 fiat punto have front brake pads?

Yes, a Fiat Punto has disc brakes at the front and these have pads. The drum brakes at the back have shoes.

Are there back brakes on a front wheel drive car?

yes there are..they will be either standard or anti lock brakes.It depends on what kind of brakes are on the front of your car.

How do you beat level 5 on me and the key?

There are sliding doors in two layers, front and back. Slide the front panels right until you reach the 2nd door, and slide the back door left, then work your way back right, sliding the back doors left out of the way.

Does a 1991 Mazda Protege DX have brake pads or disc brakes?

it either has front disc brakes and rear drum or it has front and rear disc bakes. look for a flat disc in the front and back - those are front and rear disc brakes-they take pads. The drum brakes take shoes.

Why does your brakes make grinding sound even if you had brakes replaced?

You should take it back to the shop that replaced them and ask. It's possible that something is hung up somewhere that's causing the noise.

Is it normal for your front disk brakes to heat up more tthan your back brakes?

yes they do most of the stopping

What would cause a loud grinding noise when brakes are applied even after brakes parts has been replaced?

It is a cause and effect thing. Was the other axle inspected if all the brakes, front and rear, were not replaced? Can you tell where it's coming from at all? Is the noise identical from when before the brakes were replaced? Year, make, model and mileage would help as well. Drum on rear? Don't assume the brakes were done correctly. Believe it or not, I have done a few where someone put the pads in backwards with the backing plate against the rotor. If someone worked on it for you, take it back to them and complain.

What is the problem if the brakes squeal after changed?

There are a couple of possibilities. One is lack of lubrication of brake system moving and/or contact points such as between back of pads and caliper housing and/or piston. Another could be that, the rotors/discs are warped/distorted and need to be machined or more preferably, replaced. If you replaced the front brakes (example) and you still have a squeal, it's possible it may be coming from the rear brakes.

How do you change front brakes on a 1999 Pontiac grand am?

I have a 99 grand am and I am tring to replace the brakes on the front of my car but when I go to put the brakes back on the caliper wont line up wheats wrong with this? How do I fix this?

How do you get the rear parking brakes back on a Mercury?

first thing to do is check the brake shoes. make sure they dont need replaced then check the cable to make sure they are in working order and if all that is good and someone just replaced the brakes shoes make sure they put the long side on the back side of the brakes

Change the front disc brakes on a Kia Rio?

To change the front disc brakes on a Kia Rio, simply remove the assembly held by two bolts. Push the piston back and replace the disc brakes with new.

After bleeding your front disc brakes 74 Spitfire the brakes work very well except they don't release The pads on both front wheels stay locked to the rotor What did you do wrong?

AnswerThey won't move back very much. If you can spin the wheel, that's about all you'll get. If it still rubs or hangs up, you may need to clean and lube or possibly even replace the callipers.My '89 Firebird front disk brakes won't release for about 15 seconds after applying brakes.Replaced calipers with new, no change.Replaced master cylinder with new, no change.Next to try is the combination valve unit since this is where the two front lines connect.Since this problem is affecting both front brakes I'm discounting a brake line problem.

Does a Chevy blazer have front and rear brake pads?

Its got disc brakes in the front, therefor brake pads and its got drum brakes in the back, therefor brake shoes

How do you release the back brakes on a astra van there coming on before the front ones?

your back brakes are supposed to apply before your front brakes, they do this so your car does not take a nose dive every time you apply the brakes. but if it is very noticeable i would check the adjustment of your rear brakes (if you have a disc/drum setup) or i would check your proportioning valve if they are locking up