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Actually, as the Irish became more and more politically active, and as their contributions to to the U.S. grew, it was a way to pass off all of their major accomplishments as "the luck of the Irish" instead of giving them due credit. It was a derogatory term, essentially.

one reasons why the Irish are considered lucky is because they are always happy and making up stories about the luck they have had. none of the luck they have is true, because i am Irish and have never been lucky as they say. parents told children stories that had been past down, about pots of gold at the other side of the rainbow and such, but none is found to be true.

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Q: Why are the Irish considered lucky?
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What is considered a lucky leaf?

The four-leaf clover or Shamrock is considered a lucky leaf. This belief is has been popular since ancient times and was first considered by the Irish.

Is a leprachaun considered bad or good?

A leprechaun, a mythical creature in Irish folklore, is usually considered good, or lucky.

What is the Irish for 'lucky'?

"Lucky" as a person is "ámharach".Ámharach (of a person)

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'lucky'?

ádhúil / ámharach

What is lucky in Irish?


What is the Irish for 'lucky' or 'proud'?

ámharach / ádhúil (lucky) mórtasach / bródúil (proud)

What is the Irish lucky color?

Green, symbolizing the lucky four-leaf clover.

What animals foot is considered lucky?

the rabbits foot is considered lucky.

Were the irish considered white in the 19th century?

The Irish was not considered white in the 19th century. The Irish was considered black people.

What are the Irish words for lucky charms?


Are potatoes lucky for Irish people?


Is a three leaf clover lucky?

It's a Shamrock.. more Irish than lucky

What is a four leafed versions of these are considered lucky?

Four leafed clover is considered to be lucky.

How do you say lucky girl in Gaelic?

lucky girl is "cailín ádhúil" in Irish; Scottish Gaelic: ...

What is considered to be an Irish tattoo?

Irish tattoos are often considered to have an emblem that represents Irish culture. These Irish tattoos could include the Irish flag, Irish cross, Leprechaun, or a Cloverleaf.

What do you get if you kiss a Irish girl three times?


Does the luck of the Irish come from wearing green?

No, and the Irish aren't lucky. Invasion, famine, discrimination.

What plant has four leaves thts considered lucky?

A four leafed clover is considered lucky.

Is lucky a boy name?

yes Lucky can be a boy name it is Irish Origin named from the Colver i personaly do nat like as i dont like Irish names but it is your desion some people mite think that Lucky is a dogs name be the way Lucky is my nintedo dogs name

What are the positive and negatives Irish stereotypes?

positive- they're lucky (luck of the irish) negative - they're alcoholics

How do you say 'lucky' in Irish?

The Irish word for luck is "Tádh" (pronounced thaw). There is no word for "lucky" as such. The literal way of saying it would be "I had luck" rather than "I was lucky". "Bhí an tádh liom" (pronounced "vee on thaw lum") would be "I had luck".

How do you say the word lucky in Irish?

You can say "ádhúil" or "ámharach".

What does the last name cochran mean?

Irish,wealthy,and lucky

Is the number 100 more Lucky than Irish luck?

First of all there is no "Irish luck" and people think they have a lucky number because they had a good thing happen with them involving that number.

What are the names of stones which are considered as lucky stones?

jade is a lucky stone