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Because the games were made first before the movie was. They wanted to make a storyline almost similair to the game, but the monsters are the same.

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No, Silent Hill is not a silent movie.

There are many different storylines, considering that there are 7 games and another one to come out this November, plus the film, but the main concept is that, at some point in the main characters life, they end up in silent hill, which is basically a strange other-world, full of grotesque monsters and a creepy atmosphere. Heres the titles to the individual games, if you wish to look up a particular story (not particularly in order); -silent hill -silent hill 2 -silent hill 3 -silent hill 4: the room -silent hill 5: homecoming -silent hill: origins -silent hill: shattered memories -silent hill: downpour (unreleased)

The film "Silent Hill" was set in West Virginia.

Yes, the game silent hill homecoming (although I'm thinking it came after the film) is very alike to the film.

Technically there is no band for Silent Hill. Akira Yamaoka composed all the music for Silent Hill, including all o fthe game and the film.

Yes, there is one :D In West Virginia, like in the film. Although none of it is real :( There is no Pyramid Head :( It was officially called Silent Hill before then they made a film about it.

The director has planned a trilogy for the Silent Hill movie series. The second film is now in production, and will be released sometime in 2012.

Yes, the film is currently in production.

There is no actual Silent Hill but the film drew a lot of inspiration from Centralia, PA.

i think that its silent hill mate

Silent Hill The Unauthorized Trailer - 2004 was released on: USA: 14 May 2004 (New Haven Underground Film Festival)

According to the ingame story, the fictional town is located in the USA. There are several different clues throughtout the series, all pointing to different states. In the film, the town is set in West Virginia.

The difference between silent film and sound film is because that silent film has no sound whatsoever and a sound film has sounds in it

Jodelle Ferland is a young Canadian actress, best known in the horror film Silent Hill.

a silent film is 'un film muet' in French.

Silent Hill 2 is a 2012 horror movie made in Canada, it is a 3-D film. Some of the stars of the movie are Sean Bean, Heather Marks, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Kit Harrington.

The duration of Silent Storm - film - is 1.5 hours.

The duration of Silent Witness - film - is 1.67 hours.

The duration of Silent House - film - is 1.42 hours.

The duration of The Silent Enemy - film - is 1.87 hours.

Silent Cry - film - was created in 2002.

Pordenone Silent Film Festival was created in 1981.

Silent Storm - film - was created in 2003.

A Silent Film - band - was created in 2005.

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