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their jaws are very powerful. so powerful that they lift things heavier than themselves! so, it makes sense an ant's bite would sting.

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Q: Why are the ants very painful when they bite?
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How do ants make their bite seem doubly painful?

An ant does not have the ability to make a bite twice as painful. The ant may actually bite twice which makes the bite feel more painful.

How ants use team work to survive?

i think ants in the Amazon do it because they go in armies. I guess they makethemselves look bigger or they bite their predators. Cause, one bite isn't painful. But a bite from 600,000 ants hurt a lot.

Do ants pee on people when they bite?

Ants do not urinate on people when they bite them because they typically do not urinate at all. They can however secrete a poison when they bite which can be painful.

Do ants bit?

Yes ... they do. All ants are female except a few males who are there to inseminate the queen/queens during mating. All ants bite when needed to defend the nest and there are some ants (soldiers) who have special abilities when doing so. Some soldier ants have large and powerful jaws to crush other ants while others have the ability to squirt formic acid at enemy ants when fighting. Yes ... female ants do bite and I can tell you from experience it can be quite painful.

Do tiny black ants tend to bite on the face?

Red ants bite people and also like to eat sweets but black ants only bite on skin but very slowly and does not itches very much and most imp it also bit on faces

What happens if potato bug bites you?

Its effect would be minimal. the bite is very painful but only bites if provoked.. it is not venomous. but the bite is very painful and leaves a smell.

Does a centipedes bite?

They actually sting with their barbels. It is very painful and feels like a bite.

Is there ants that bite in wi?

Yes, there are ants that live in Wisconsin and bite. Fire ants one of them. Also, field ants will give you a pinch-like bite if you bother them. They will also bite pets.

Does New Zealand's ants bite?

No. New Zealand ants do not bite.

Does the new Furby bite painfully?

The new Furby's bite is not very painful, because it is a toy for kids.

What do fire ants do to defend themselves?

The fire ant will bite you, leaving a bad rash or sore which is very itchy. This is where they get the name 'Fire Ant'.

How many species of ants can be found worldwide?

over 20,000 and they all are very small including red ants which bite there are two species of them