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The church does not have enough money to purchase hymn books and also, only four people in the church knows how to read so it would be useless to even buy hymn books. Zeebo and Calpurnia(son and mother) are two of the four that knows how to read and Zeebo sings the hymns while the other black people just follow behind him. Hoped that helped. (:

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In "To Kill a Mockingbird," the black characters line their hymns because they were not allowed to join the white congregation in the church. The lines are repeated multiple times to create a sense of unity and strength within the black community, despite the discrimination and segregation they faced. It also serves as a way to express their faith and find solace during difficult times.

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They must line their hymns because almost none of them can read. Plus, they only have one hymn book in the whole church.

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Q: Why are the blacks linin their hymns in To Kill a Mockingbird?
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