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Why are the keys on a key board laid out the way they are?


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A key board is laid out the same as a typer writer.


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There is not a way to change the soft keys on a Android. A Android phone has a built in key board.

If you look the the first letters of the key board are his brothers last name.

Because when they started inventing keyboards, they used typewriters. One of the challenges was that if people wrote too fast, the keys that struck the ribbon/paper got tangled and stuck. So they had to rearrange the keys so that that wouldn't happen. The arrangement was done in such a way that the most commonly used keys were spread out evenly and they were easy to get to with fingers.

There's no simple way to make a fake key. That's the point of using keys.

Short answer - Not much. Long answer - The key arms that hold the key cup (with the pad in it) either terminate when they get to the cup or they go all the way across the key cup. The "French style" keys means the key arm goes all the way across.

There are 16 keys that you can actually press including various trill keys and the keys associated with low b. (I worded it that way because there are more key mechanisms on the instrument but you never have to actually touch those they automatically get depressed when u push down their corresponding key)

You could buy the specific keys from other players, be prepared to pay 1000c for each key though.

No, there is no way to get a free CD key. The keys prove that you purchased the game and have the right to access the Blizzard servers.

The easiest way is to take it to a place that cuts car keys, and have them put it in their key tester - a little machine that you stick the key in and push a button, and if a light comes on they know not to try cutting a key for you because it won't work.

That is the primary way to create uppercase letters for the ones that have keyboard keys. This is adopted from the same keys used on typewriters.

There was this crazy guy who was an efficiency researcher. When the Typewriter was first invented he did a study and eventually designed what we now call the qwerty key board. The idea is that when you rest your fingers on the "home" keys these are the most used keys, the close keys are next and the least used are furthest away. A book was written about him and his family called "Cheaper by The Dozen" I read it in the 1970s and it was old then. Wow I'm old.

normally, 21, but I have seen one with 22. it had two back keys. many of these keys though are just another way to push down the same key, and are for alternate fingerings

because keys is placed in a way to improve the speed of the user(you can find expecial keys 3 ,2 where the alphabet is, and the las one close to the + sinbol in the key 5)

It is made in all keys. A better way to answer is that a guitar does not just have one scale key, it has all of them just like a piano.

SMOCK is a scaleable way of managing cryptographic keys.

The best way is to learn which fingers to use for which keys. You can do that by getting a typing book, but you have to follow the instructions exactly as they say, otherwise you won't get the speed and accuracy you want. There is a reason the keys are laid out the way they are on a keyboard, and a reason for learning which fingers to use on which keys. But if you follow the book, and practice your typing, you will be a good typist in no time.

hi; had the ignition key cylinder replace June 9,08 on a 1995 corolla. i could turn the key half way for the radio to come on; but could not turn all the way to start the car. i found out that you have to take it to the dealer to get it fix so that they can make the keys for it. the cost was around $425 with keys; what a hassel i went through.

To find the treasure key to the seaside treasure chest,you need to finish the Special Keys collection. the collection contain these keys: 1.Ruby Gemmed key 2.Mansion key 3.Extra Fancy key 4.Jewl Encrust key 5.Bank safe key 6.Robgoblin key 7.Elf key 8.Intricate key Now me myself don't have ALL these keys,but i wish you good luck!And by the way,to find keys,if you see a rare robgoblin jumk pile,and then someone takes it before you do,just wait for about 5 will re-appear.Happy hunting!;)

You must bring your car into an official Mazda Dealership. Bring all of your keys with you as they will have to "reset" the on board computer and register all keys at the same time. The cost of the key is about $40 and they will charge you about $90 for labor. Unfortunately, there is no way to get around the labor cost as you need a special machine to code the keys. the FOB is a different story. just buy one on eBay for about $30 and program it yourself.

The lowest Eb, which is 3 semitones up from middle C, is played by holding the key on the back, the two notes that would play a D, and either the small sausage-shaped key directly beneath these two keys, or the lowest of the golf-club shaped keys on the right-hand side. They both work the same way. The next Eb up is played by by holding the key of the back, the octave key, all six keys and the top-left golf-club shaped key, as if you were looking down the clarinet. It's the same as a D#, and the only way to play it. Finally, the highest Eb you can achieve is played by holding down the key at the back, the octave key, missing out the first key on the front, holding down the second and third keys, the fourth key and the small sausage-shaped key beneath that.

It is the line of keys that you place your fingers on when typing. This is a way that most people type fastly.

A key enthusiast is one way to identify them. There is no actual term to refer to someone who collects keys out of enjoyment, but if they keep the keys out of fear that they may find a use for them after throwing them away, they are potentially a compulsive hoarder.

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