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It is not like all the large cities are on coastline. Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bhopal , Lucknow, Hyderabad are not on the coastline . Its true that cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Vishakapatnam are on the coastline.. Its because India is an old country and earlier most of the economic income used to come from the exports by ships. And all of this cities have big ports along the coastline.


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Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra along the western coastline of India.

Google "five largest cities in India".

Alaska has the largest coastline in the U.S., but Michigan has the largest freshwater coastline.

There are a number of large port cities in India. These include Kandla Port- Gujarat (the largest private port in India), as well as Nhava Sheva- Maharashtra (the largest container port in India).

Andhra Pradesh has the 2nd largest coastline.. Gujarat bein the first.. n A.P lies in the south eastern part of india, and gurarat in western.. So, longest coastline in east is A.P.

For the most part, cities in India are overcrowded and dirty. The largest city in India is Mumbai and it has a population of 12,478,447 residents.

Largest coastline in the US is Michigan...

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai,Bengaluru are the five largest cities.

The three largest cities in India are Mumba, Dehli, and Bangalore. Mumba has a population of 12,691,836. Dehli has a population of 10,927,986. Bangalore has a population of 5,104,047.

The country with the largest coastline is Canada. Canada's coastline is 152,100 miles long. The country with the shortest coastline is Monaco.

Kannur has the largest coastline in kerala.

Gujarat is the state in India with the longest coastline of 1600kms.

The country with the longest border on the Arabian Sea is India. The coastline of India stretches up to 700 miles.

inwhich cities does an isro center

The three largest cities in India are as follows: Mumbai (13,662,885), Delhi (11,954,217), Bangalore (5,180,533)The Three Major Cities AreNew DelhiPunjabBombay/Mumbai

If you are just meaning is India or Pakistan more populated, the answer is India. India is the second most populated country in the world, lead by China.If you mean which cities in India and Pakistan are the largest, then here are the three largest cities for both countries.India:MumbaiDelhiBangalorePakistan:KarachiLahoreFaisalabad

Christchurch centre is some distance from the coastline, but there are several sea-side suburbs. Palmerston North, and Hamilton would be the largest cities distant from the sea.

The cities of Mohenjo-daro and Harappa were the largest cities in India during the civilization period.

the largest ocean is the pacific and the largest coastline pacific or atlantic is alaska then florida then california...

Russia has the largest coastline of any country in the world.

Canada with a coastline of over 200,000 km.

the three largest cities in the world(within city limits Bombay in India with a population of 12.78 million, Karachi in Pakistan with a population of 11.51 million, and Delhi in India with a population of 11.06 million.

No ! India is not at all a landlocked country India is bounded on the Southwest by Arabian Sea & on the Southeast by Bay of Bengal (Largest bay in the world) & to the South by Indian Ocean & India has a coastline of about 7000 kms.

Mumbai ranks one and Delhi ranks second in the list of largest cities of India.

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