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Because that was the way the key board was designed

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What is a good to game for PS3?

Instead of playing computer games, why don't you go out and get a girlyfriend. Live a life instead of being a computer geek!

How can you send email without being at the computer?

You can send a letter.

What other word can be used instead of being that?

instead of being that

Is it better to leave the computer on instead of turning it off when it's not being used?

There is no conclusive evidence that either is "better". Some believe keeping the computer running is better while others believe that it is better to shut down when not being used.

Is a mouse an internal or an external device?

A mouse is an external device, meaning it is outside the computer, and has to connect to it in some way, instead of being built into it.

How has the use of the computer affect the way you do bookkeeping or accouting?

mutli tasking employees may use the computer to do other non-business work e.g being online or facebook instead of doin work duties while being on a business calll distractinbg him or her

How do you compare computers and human beings in detail?

A human being have heart tht ciculates blood in our system . A computer have C.P.U instead of heart. A humain being have brains that control us. A computer also have brain that is called C.P.U. A human have brains to store memory. A computer have hard ware to store data.

What are the advantage of the telephone?

being able to contact people instead of in person or in a letter. also in an emergency, u can call 911

What is an c drive?

C: drive is the main hard drive on your computer. Hard drives are identified by letter, with C: being reserved for the first bootable drive in a computer.

Explain local area computer network support issues?

ask keenan or maybe you should google or research to complete you assignment instead of being lazy

Where did they film the original Mickey Mouse?

The first disney cartoons about Mickey Mouse were actually drawn out by hand on paper instead of being computer-generated or acted out.

What is the advantages of computer over human being?

The advantages of computer over human being are: 1. computer is faster than human being 2. computer give an accurate answer 3. computer is considered of the mind of the universe but computers are made by human being which help them to remember of what the inside of their mind.

What is the process happening on a computer when you press the letter C on the keyboard?

When you press the letter C on a keyboard you are closing a switch that sends a Binary signal to the OS to produce the letter you are typing. Each letter is a byte and each byte is comprised as a series of 8 bits. The bits are a binary code comprised of 1s and 0s so the letter C is C - 01000011 (Capital C) c - 01100011 (Lowercase c) Everything you see on your computer can be broken down to its binary component. The computer takes this information and produces what you see on your computer. To clarify Binary, think of it as a series of switches 1 being on and 0 being off and the pattern made decides what the byte is.

What is advance freeing?


where Data and programs Not being used by the Computer is stored in?


Did Miley Cyrus appear on ant and decs Saturday night takeaway?

why dont u watch tv to find out instead of being on the computer all day dude!!!anyways no.

How can a poster be made?

with you being really creative and with poster paper,markers,stickers or something copied from the computer and you paste it to the poster letter stickers

Which is not necessarily part of being computer literate?

Being Computer literate doesn't mean you have to know enough to program a computer or build one yourself.

Why scientist invent the computer?

They got tired of being the computer.

Are you too heavy if you're 10 and weigh 5 stone?

No and you are wasting too much time on the computer instead of being a happy active 10 year old. Get off the computer and play outside with your friends. 5 stone = 70 lbs

What queries in ms access?

Query for name starting from a letter, the letter being an A, will be :- a* query for name ending from a letter, the letter being an A, will be :- *a query for name starting from a letter, the letter being an A and is 4 letters will be :- a???

What made Ted Hoff's Microprocessor different from the previous integrated circuits?

The Intel 4004 microprocessor he designed was a complete computer CPU, instead of being just logic components or calculators.

What is an eight letter word second letter being a and third last letter being a?


Can bauxite be recycled instead of mined?

bauxite can be recycled instead of being mined from the ground

Term used for being connected to computer and computer network?