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First of all, Earth is mostly covered with ocean water 75%. The ocean water helps lubercates the process of plate tectonics, heat, CO2, etc deep in the ocean!

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What are the most important oceans in Spain?

there are no oceans in Spain

What is the most important oceans is in Mississippi?

No oceans are in Mississippi...

What is the most important ocean in the US?

all oceans are really important so all oceans count

Why is a river important to an oceans survivial?

The water in the oceans come from the rivers!

Why is your oceans important to us?

cause we have water without the oceans we will not have water

Why are oceans and seas important?

If we didnt have oceans or seas, there would be no such thing as whales, sharks or other marine animals. But in other cases, oceans aren't that important for other uses in human life.

Cuba's important oceans?

this is a stupid question

Why are oceans important to weather patterns?


The most important primary producers in the oceans are?


What is the most important source of moisture in the atmosphere?


What is a valuable resource found in the oceans?

Fish are important.

What plays an important part in the formation of hurricanes?


Why is the carbon cycle so important?

It moves carbon from the atmosphere and oceans into organisms and back again to the atmosphere and oceans.

Why is it important for humans to explore the world's oceans?

it is important you get to be free and unique in different ways.

What do the sun water cycle and oceans have in common?

They are important to earth

What are the important of oceans?

3 words. Fish and chips :D

What are the oceans important?

Cuz food, climate, ecosystems, transport

Why is the Arctic Ocean important to the US?

It cools down are oceans

Why are the earths oceans so important?

Earth Oceans are so important is because life depends on 2 basic things water and air Without these 2 important things we cannot survive Now Oceans covers 3 parts and earth cover only one part of this planet. And when the final call comes from the Skies these oceans will destroy each and every thing on this planet.

Why is the northwest passage important?

It is important as a shipping route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the north.

Why are oceanographers important?

because they help us better understand our oceans

Are there any lakes oceans or any important waterways in Mexico?


What are the most important source for the moisture or water vapor of the atmosphere?


Why were rivers and oceans important to ancient Egyptians?

They used them for protection and farming.

What was one of the most important changes to the early oceans?

the salt in the ocean

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